New Japanese Yakuza 3 Gameplay Trailer

Live, love, and launch headfirst into battle.

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GamerMan3737d ago

It's a bunch of games rolled into one. I like the umbrella fight. The ninja Gaiden style fighting. The summoning jitsu of the snake. It looks pretty fun. It even has a GTA feel where your walking through the towns and trying to pick up on women. If they were bringing this to the States I would get it. It looks like a lot of fun to me.

SaiyanFury3737d ago

I played the demo on my PS3 from Japan. I totally plan on getting this when it comes out!

CrazzyMan3737d ago

deep and nice. Hope eng version coming before 2009. =)

HardcoreGamer3737d ago

im still waiting for yakuza 2, but im less into this yakuza 3,, but after playin the japanese demo im kinda intersteed

lonestarmt3737d ago

This looks sweet! everyone make sure you buy yakuza 2 on the ps2 if you want this to come over!

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