The Amazing Spider-Man: 3DS review (3DS Buzz)

Luke Kemp writes: You’ll spend the vast majority of your time inside, but most areas are pleasingly spacious and high-ceilinged affairs. Let me make one thing clear right now; you will feel like Spider-Man. You’ll web-sling through the air and engage in improbably acrobatic combat, throwing enemies around and sticking them to the floor, with all missions carrying razor-sharp one liners from Spidey himself during gameplay. There’s a stealth element to the combat, which is never forced upon you during the story but which you’ll actively pursue yourself from time to time. Imagine; undetected, you dive from above to instantly trap a heavily-armed goon in webbing – then escape to a far corner, before his friends can see anything but a blue and red blur. Of course, if you’re super careful, you could slowly pick them off one by one without ever being seen at all…

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