Let's Make a Sequel: Quest 64 for the Wii U/3DS

Nintendo Enthusiast envisions a sequel to Quest 64 on the Wii U or 3DS.

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Jirachi2315d ago

And here i thought i was the only person who liked that game.

Oh_Yeah2314d ago

nah your not the only one, n64 didnt have very many good games but this was one of them. id like to see a sequel with realistic character models...actually id like to see all nintendo games redone realistically.

LoaMcLoa2314d ago

" n64 didnt have very many good games but this was one of them. "

Hubbahubbawhaa? :o

Oh_Yeah2314d ago

@ Menashe
just my opinion. back then, yeah there were alot of good games for the n64 at the time, but those games didnt age well. what i mean is how many of those games could you go back to and replay and like them just as much as you did now as you did then? i have an emulator and to me theres only a few classics that are still good to this day. thats all i meant

FinalomegaS2314d ago

the N64 was lacking so bad for JRPG when Square pulled the rug out when they said the FF project would be going to the PSX. So like the few craving something, Quest64 was heading to the N64...


one other thing~ I hated his hair style!

Rivitur2314d ago

Yes plz great game though I was stuck on the island thanks to the auto saves for a long time also I would like to see a tetrisphere remake just saying.