Battlefield Twitter Account de-confirms BF4 rumors and then... hints at BF4 coming 'one day'

DSOGaming writes: "Two F’ ups in a single day? Now that’s really something. A couple of hours ago, we informed you about BF4′s banner in the Origin pre-purchase page of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Electronic Arts was quick enough to respond and remove it. Battlefield’s Twitter team on the other hand debunked the BF4 rumors by stating that if there isn’t anything in, then it is not real. However, the team decided to completely remove that post and replace with one that hints at BF4."

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Lior2051d ago

I'd rather play battlefield 4 than medal of honor in october lol

Hellsvacancy2051d ago

Id rather play Bad Company 3 than BF3 and MOH2

Lior2051d ago

Ya they need to conclude the story where te Russians invaded America well u can just play MW3 for that but that sucks

Brixxer6002050d ago

Hopefully we get Bad Company 3 in 2013 . It should be the next game on the rotation .

WeskerChildReborned2050d ago

You don't even know what BF4 is like..

Andreas-Sword2050d ago

I hope, EA released first Bad Company 3 in 2013, and then Battlefield 4 in 2014 !!

Tonester9252050d ago

I'd rather play Borderlands 2...

Seriously, look how everyone is acting because of the "Get access to the Battlefield 4 Beta"

OMG COD this and COD that! It's like a bunch of little kids on this site.

DICE never said that BF4 is coming out next year,the year after, or the year after that. Everyone else took the information and twisted it.

Kran2050d ago

"I'd rather play Borderlands 2..."

How is that remotely relevant?

Tonester9252050d ago

I'm assuming you don't have any input on ANYTHING else I said in my post.

Man people really pick out anything to try to bash you.

LAWSON722050d ago

Don't worry tonester I'd rather play borderlands 2 and what makes Krans comment relevant all he did was bash you and not even talk about the topic like me.

Kran2050d ago

Lol what?

How was I bashing him? I was merely asking a question. Can I not ask a question without somebody thinking im being abusive or something? I simply asked how it was relavent, nobody answered and assumed I was bashing him.

The internet ladies and gents ¬¬

Can I get an answer yet?

Hufandpuf2050d ago

even if it BF4 was coming out soon, ehy are people so quick to say "I WONT BUY IT BECAUSE OF BF3".

Do you actually think BF4 would be EXACTLY the same as BF3?

OT: I don't even think BF4 is coming out next year. the Beta access may be a hint to a beta in october 2013 for a release an 2014.

And if it is BF4, I hope they actually mean BF2143.

Dojan1232050d ago

Hope they make a better SP game with BF4 or just lower the price and not make it SP.

LAWSON722050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

You sir must not know who the publisher is

Dojan1232049d ago


Sorry... I must have had a moment of world peace. Lol.

DudeJets2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Bf4 won't be for another 3 years imho

bad company or a futuristic one are more likely

elhebbo162050d ago

i hope "one day" means 3-4 years, because they have to make room for BC3 or i'll be pissed.

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The story is too old to be commented.