Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Announcement

DSOGaming writes: "Kombatants, get ready for a treat. Remember that amazing ‘Legacy’ Live Action web-series that was based on Mortal Kombat? Well, Director/Producer, Kevin Tancharoen, has just revealed that there will be a second season for it. Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 will be about the tournament of Mortal Kombat and will be packed with more fighting, action and special effects."

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Biohazard88601957d ago

Where the F is the movie for 2013?

DarkBlood1957d ago

i was wondering that too realize the hell i thought he was working on the movie

WeskerChildReborned1957d ago

Me too, i'm still hoping he is though.

-MD-1957d ago

Movie is coming still.

Biohazard88601957d ago

I hope so people have been waiting for years for another mk movie

mafiahajeri1957d ago

Great news season 1 was good but some of the takes on. Characters I did not like namely RAiden. I was worried this would effect the movie but the ending of this video reassured me. Anyway I'm really happy that their keeping simple and making it about the tournament and not anything else just to be unique for the sake of being unique, much better like this.

Anyway badass announcement video and I love how these two seasons prep them up to have a badass high budget feature film. Ive been waiting for years for a movie.

Septic1957d ago

Yeah same sentiments here. Sector and Cyrax were badass!