CheatCC Review: No More Heroes (4.8 out of 5) - You Better Be Ready!

CheatCC writes: "If you've treaded the twisted path of Suda 51 (CEO and mad scientist of developer Grasshopper Manufacture) in the past, specifically in 2005's super-stylized, ultra-violent Killer 7, then you'll at least be partially prepared for the mind-bending blitz No More Heroes assaults you with. However, if your previous Wii-waggling has been limited to cooking with Mama and star-collecting with Mario, then strap yourself in...tight. You're in for one hell of a ride."

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wiizy3770d ago

good scores all around.. hope its selling

wiizy3770d ago

hey ubisoft.. where is the advertisement for this game?

cooke153770d ago

just go to Gamespot or IGN.. ads all over for it

PS360WII3770d ago

Awesome game! I'm up to Rank 6 ^^