Steam Summer Sale: Grab Skyrim for 50% Off

The next set of Steam Summer Sale dailies have been revealed and among them is Skyrim, for 50% off. Not as low as I had hoped, but still a great deal none the less.

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PockyKing2348d ago

Ugh, I have it on 360, but I wanna get it for mods on the PC.

ninjahunter2348d ago

DAMN YOU STEAM! I dont have the money for ALL these games!

bwazy2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I bought it yesterday for 33% off. Only $10 dollars difference but DAMN U DAILY SALES!

Dojan1232348d ago

Yep, never buy under 50%. Depending on how old the game you should evern wait till 66% or better.

Come on Arma 2. Ready for the deal to try out Dayz.

archemides5182348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

yeah rookie for real, i copped this for 50% off but even that might be higher than what it could eventually end at, if it turns into a flash deal or something. on the last day of the sale it's virtually guaranteed to be 50% off again.

mistajeff2348d ago

Yeah, it's best to wait until the very last day of the sale before springing for anything that's part of a pack. The packs stay up the whole time, so it's best to make sure the thing you want doesn't show up as a daily deal over the course of the 10 days.

hiredhelp2348d ago

And only oike what 2nd 3rd day already like christmas all over again dam unfair on my pockets.

SKUD2348d ago

Still to expensive. Make it $15 and its a done deal.

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