Halo 4 cutscene from Comic-Con shows motion capture for actors

XMNR: A new video from Comic-Con came out on Saturday showing a key scene from the upcoming Xbox 360 shooter, Halo 4, along with how 343 Industries used motion capture during development.

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Mkai281952d ago

Something mass effect 1 2 and 3 should've had.

nukeitall1952d ago

I think it would have been nice, but ME has so much dialogue and events. I don't know if that is practical from a financial perspective.

Then again, ME was relatively successful so they might profit enough.

Pandamobile1952d ago

Yeah right. Do you know how costly and time consuming it would be for Bioware to do 50 hours worth of facial mo-cap for all the dialogue in that game?

ScubbaSteve1952d ago

I agree they should have spent their time doing something more productive like introducing the rest of the Jersey Shore cast into the game.

h311rais3r1952d ago

That was intense. Glad to see they're really capturing the mood from the books.

Muffins12231952d ago

Hmmm looks like cortana is on her robot period