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Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Impressions

James Woodcock writes: "Well actually I am very impressed. The audio quality is far better than the standard wired headsets Microsoft supply and actual operation of the device is fairly straight forward. Mapping your new wireless headset to your Xbox 360 is very similar to how you add wireless controllers. Hold down the appropriate button on the console and the same goes for the headset. If all goes well, one of the lights on the headset will light up and a connection is established.

To mute the microphone, you press the button on the side of the easy to reach earpiece and just in case you forget, an audible beep will occur every now and then. The wireless headset comes with a spare ear loop, USB recharge lead (no more power adapters it would seem) and a manual. It does take some getting used to as my ear hurts quite a bit after fairly short sessions, but it is not as bad now. The Mic angle is slightly adjustable and the earpiece sits quite happily next to your ear." (Industry, Xbox 360) -

N4GayFanturds  +   2409d ago
This has been on the market for well over a year now! It had problems early on but sometime after one of the dashboard updates, it's been working without a hitch.

I own two since I put in massive amts of hours online.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2409d ago
"To mute the microphone, you press the button on the side of the easy to reach earpiece"

Dude, it's on your ear. It's as easy as touching your EAR.

Sorry, I found that mildly amusing.
Mr Marbles  +   2409d ago
this thing is a great piece of hardware, they did a great job on it, props for this one MS. The vision cam is awesome to, it just has so few uses for actual gaming, I do like the scan your face feature in Rainbow 6 vegas, can't believe how well that works. I hope its in RB6II
mighty_douche  +   2409d ago
How old is this??

Cbizzle  +   2409d ago
I hope..
I hope it isnt like the old ones, they mess up and static so often its not even funny. I'll stick to my wired headset.
Gadget73  +   2409d ago
My review of the Atari 2600 joystick
I finally got my hands on the Atari VCS 2600 joystick and I must say it isn't as bad as some of the reviews let me to believe. Sure it is limited with only one button, and the action of the stick is rather stiff. Especially in a game like Pac Man this makes taking corners difficult at first, but with practice I managed to get old Pac to do my bidding well. The red fire button is easy to reach and the whole unit feels sollid. All in all I am satisfied with this product.
Close_Second  +   2409d ago
Good but...
...you should be able to connect it to the controller to continue using it when its battery cell runs out of charge.

There is no way the battery in this headset lasts as long as they claim between charges.
Revvin  +   2408d ago
This is a product that failed to work on the first attempt and also hurts him when he uses it and it still gets 4.5 stars? Zero credibility. The wireless headset's sound quality wasn't as good as the wired headset in my experience though I could put up with that to be rid of the wires but its battery life is poor and its vastly overpriced when you consider you can buy Bluetooth headsets for the PS3 for a few £'s. I did like the clip design though, it held the headset in place nicely and its pretty simple to set up.
Zuhk  +   2408d ago
PS3 is superior
This thing is a piece of junk compared to the PS3 version, not only do you get to use your mic on PS3 with your PS3 but you get to use it with other items that take Bluetooth. I use mine with my phone when I leave the house. Just another way for M$ to rip you 360 fan boi's off.

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