Do We Need The Xbox 720? Do we really need the so called next round of next gen consoles? What will a new Ps4 or Xbox 720 give us that we don”t already have? Or is there room for a new console form a indie or third party developer to hit the market and dominate our Living Rooms and Bedrooms?

There has been much hype and speculation over the last year about what Microsoft and Sony are going to launch next. If we look under our TVs we will already see a console that can deliver a 1080p 3D gaming experience without blinking an eye. So here are my questions. Do we need a new super console or will we see a new heavyweight enter the ring?

To answer the above questions we need to break down what Sony and Microsoft already have, speculate on what could be next and look to the future.

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Computersaysno2342d ago

Show me the upgrades already. Then show me the games.

nukeitall2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

The next Xbox is going to be more of a home media server that integrates with everything including your tablet, smart phone, and even your PC. That is at least that the impression I get with all the leaks.

Those crazy 16-cores is to run multiple background tasks, such as background recording of video while you watch another video or play games, enable video chatting while playing games, keeping track of your calendar, background checking your email, enabling interactive stuff while you play game (let say popping up a message or challenge from when a friend reached a section of the game), play a game and watch TV at the same time and etc.

In terms of games, I think we will just get bigger worlds, smarter AI, better graphics, but nothing revolutionary like the Wii and motion control. Yes, motion control was revolutionary even though it might not suite most core gamers taste.

I think we are at a point with the Xbox 360 isn't limited to what it can do as it can do most things, and do them relatively well.

During the PS2 era and earlier it used to be developers couldn't do certain things well enough to be acceptable, or do them at all.

slayorofgods2342d ago

Mostly I'm looking forward to more stable hardware, ram and for MS better physical media such as blue ray.

I'm not sure if the graphics are going to be that much of a improvement though, so I hope the console is cheap.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2342d ago

Do we need 64 players in BF4? yes!

slayorofgods2342d ago

It sure is getting hard talking about the next generation without bringing up cloud gaming.

Well, obviously movie streaming has taken off ever since netflix made their service widely available and will likely be the way of the future for that type of media.

But is it the way of the future for games? Well so far for pc users it's a definite no. Services like steam will have the gaming market for quite some time. For the console market I feel peoples preference would also be the same, however the pricing design of online services is way behind that of steam and fails to capture the same level of popularity. So if streaming is ahead of the curve and finds a pricing strategy it may find some success on the console market.... Though I think gamers still prefer downloading / owning their games instead of streaming them.... Games are more of an investment then movies after all.

black9112342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

The only Upgrade I can think of is All Consoles include 4G or maybe 5G who knows.

NamelessTed2342d ago

Why would a non-mobile piece of hardware have mobile wireless technology built in? Surely you would have internet at your house.

CryWolf2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Give us XBox 720 with a Nivida kepler graphics card and 2GB of ram that would be a upgrade finally.

GTA IV should have looked like this on Xbox 360

The next XBox 720 better have Crysis 2 Ultra level of graphics with Next-Gen Direct X 12 or Direct X 13 future proof.

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SnakePlissken2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

NOOOOO, we do not and i definately am not ready to upgrade. With this economy and how expensive games already are, do we really need to be shelling out hundreds of dollars for another frikin console? Just bought a Vita and 3DS even, anything more would be an overload!

I thought the lifespan of the PS3 was supposed to be 10 years! What about the 360 too? I am quite content with my current consoles and games. There still is more we havent seen yet! Whats the rush? Maybe in another 6 or so years, but not now! Anything to make a quick buck!

DeadSpaced2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I think a lot of other people will be ready to upgrade in a year or two. Just because you aren't doesn't mean anything. But I must admit, if you're content with the current gen, then you have more patience than me.

Also, "anything to make a quick buck"? For them to make a "quick buck" they have to give the consumer what they want. Just saying.

SnakePlissken2342d ago

In this economy, what country are you in? The only people who will be upgrading so fast, are the hardcore sheep. Other than that, most people will be waiting a few years later. Seems like alot of you new generation of kids are so frikin spoiled, you guys are in constant upgrade mode.

You will never be able to sit back and enjoy what you have for long. You kids have no attention span, thats why you are all heavily medicated.

nukeitall2342d ago


"Seems like alot of you new generation of kids are so frikin spoiled, you guys are in constant upgrade mode."

You do know that historically people naturally upgraded earlier due to the shorter console cycle, right?

This is the longest console generation that I can remember.

Even the pricing on consoles is historically higher even after adjusting for inflation and it shouldn't be. MS certainly has more than plenty of room to drop their console price a $50-100 depending on the model.

"You will never be able to sit back and enjoy what you have for long. You kids have no attention span, thats why you are all heavily medicated."

Now stereotyping and overreaching assumption doesn't make you seem mature nor does calling others "kids".

It certainly makes you sound young.

DeadSpaced2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

@ SnakePlissken

Trust me, kids are as spoiled today as they were when you were a freaking kid. As for you telling me that I'll "never be able to sit back and enjoy what I have for long." Who the hell are you to judge my life from one post?

Finally, I sense much hate from you when you speak of this generation. Kids have always been annoying and rebellious. If you decide to treat kids like people instead of an annoyance, you'll find out most kids are good at heart, but hate people who treat them like sh*t.

richierich2342d ago

You're not ready to upgrade? the 360 has been out for 7 years how much longer do you want this console generation to go on for?

nukeitall2342d ago

I find it ironic you complain about console costing hundred of dollars, yet you bought a 3DS and a Vita recently. You don't exactly give me the impression you aren't loose with your money.

"I thought the lifespan of the PS3 was supposed to be 10 years!"

That's just marketing speak. At best it means we will still sell it in 10-years, not that we won't focus on another product that generates far more money.

Yangus2342d ago

Next-xbox and WiiU.

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