Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy [GameDwellers]

"One of the most beloved aspects of the Final Fantasy series has always been its music. Characters, stories, towns, even entire worlds have all come to life because of the breathtaking score that has accompanied the visuals on screen. So it’s only fitting that in order to honor the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix has crafted a delightful little package that pays tribute to the musical notes that nostalgically bring us back to our childhood. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is fanfare at its best, taking the addictive nature of rhythm games and pairing the mechanic with the timeless songs of games such as Final Fantasy VI or VII. While the game isn’t without a few hiccups or odd omissions, as a Final Fantasy fan, it is extremely hard to find wrong in a title that was made specifically with us in mind," writes GameDwellers.

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