1UP Preview: PlayStation All-Stars Feels Familiar in All the Wrong Ways

1UP: "A few neat elements can't stop me from having a bad feeling about this."

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sinncross2168d ago

As long as the game is good and fun to play, I could honestly care less whether it is similar to Smash or not.

People just need to get over it already. It is not like Smash is the single only game in its genre... Konami have done.. Capcom have done it... other franchises like Digimon have done it.

jimbobwahey2168d ago

Developers can't win. Half the time their games get trashed because they're not similar to other games, then they get trashed because they are similar to other games. No consistency or logic to the criticism in this industry.

As for me personally, I'm really excited for PlayStation All-Stars because it's shaping up to be like Smash Bros but with better characters, which is perfect for me.

TooTall192168d ago

Yeah plus better graphics and a portable version (which also has better graphics).

jukins2167d ago

you hit that on the head. Superbot is making a game many of playstation fans and media have asked for. Now that they are getting it ,the media at least, is all skeptical because its not exactly like its inspiration.

in my opinion i like the lack of health bars and the use of specials in order to score points to win. with dedicated and hardcore fighting game players and game designers on board i cant wait and will be getting both versions on day one. That is if there is some sort of bundle like they did with mlb the show.

ShinMaster2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

How should I put this.... they will almost always favor Nintendo and sometimes Microsoft, over PlayStation.

Percentage doesn't work because it's not about knocking your opponents of the stage in the first place. PS Battle Royale is not about ring outs. It's about Super meter building, COMBOS and KOs.
You can't do this on Smash:

It's too similar? Not similar enough? Do they want to add more similar elements so that they can complain about the similarity later?
Make up your minds, haters!

GuruStarr782168d ago

It wil sell, reguardless.. ill definitely be picking up a copy for my vita... I really wish sony would take the same route with lbp karting, and make a vita version with cross play, its kinda a no-brainer, especially after the lack of features in modnation road trip (namely the fact it had no online mp)..

Frankfurt2168d ago

No Sony exclusives sells.

Is there any Sony exclusive in the top 10 most waited titles list from Nielsen? Nope. MS and Nintendo have multiple ones.

Is there any Sony exclusive that sells in six months what Gears, Halo, Mario sell in a month? Nope.

It's fact.

DarkHeroZX2168d ago

Uncharted 3sold as much as gears 3 and is still selling wayy better. GT5 is 7million + and still going strong. Outsold 2 forza games by itself lol. Metal gear sold 4 sold about 6 million and is getting a reboot next month. Sony has the games

dafegamer2168d ago

lol the only games on ms that sell are gears and halo nothing else. Sony have GOW, infamous, lbp
GT,Uncharted, Ratchet and clank. All those are multimillion selling franchises but anyway I know you buddy and I'm aware that you're a Xbox-Troll

P_Bomb2167d ago


There are *several* Sony exclusives in IGN's top games of 2012 list so far, so it's unfair to cherry pick what people want.

The sales argument is passe. Current example: PS3 niche elseworlds spinoff Yakuza: Dead Souls has sold more than critically acclaimed 360 console exclusive Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings according to has Twisted Metal...a niche car combat game.

Numerous worldwide estimates out there, such as the afore-referenced vgchartz where MGS4 and Uncharted2 put up the same 5million+ numbers as Gears of War.

What about outside the Gears/Halo bubble?

LBP1 sold more than any single Fable game. GT5 sold more than any Forza game. inFamous1 sold more than any Crackdown game. Haven't even touched on other platinum sellers such as God of War, Resistance, Killzone, Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, Ratchet etc.

Heck, MAG sold more than Prey, Deadly Premonition, Metro 2033, Ninety-Nine Nights combined. It's not a one-horse race anymore.

UnitSmiley2167d ago

That's because there is so many more exclusives to choose from on Playstation. For example, say I only have money for 1 game. So I buy Little Big Planet 2 instead of God of War or whatever. You can't expect everyone to buy every exclusive when their are so many of them.

Gears and Halo sell a sh** ton because the owners of 360 are literally starved for exclusives, so when one finally does roll around of course it sells well.

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Sucitta2168d ago

as far as i know, the Vita version for PS All Stars is Cross Play.

Capt-FuzzyPants2168d ago

Hopefully there is another way to fight where the basic attacks do damage. Also hopefully there are maps that we can fall off the edge. Some closed stages are fine but I want open ones too. The combination of different stages is a little weird but a little cool too.

smashcrashbash2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

That is all most people are concerned about? That it looks like SSB.In the Golden Age of gaming with Nintendo, Sony and Sega no one cared if one thing was similar to another. Did anyone care that Battle Toads, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, TMNT 2 and every fighting game was like Double Dragon. Or the games that followed Battle Arena Toshinden like Soul Edge and Tekken or the games that followed Street Fight and MK.Or that Sony was the one who started the path to modern music games with Singstar. Or the fact that this genre existed long before SSB with Powerstone and Digimon and several other games. Is that all this stupid gen cares about? Who is following whom?

@ Capt-FuzzyPants. No there is no mode like that. The developers and many people have stated many times that there is no mode where normal attacks do killing damage. But the people who have played the game have also said that it doesn't matter. The special attack kill format works very well.

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