Resident Evil: Damnation film trailer debuts at Comic Con

During Comic Con yesterday, Capcom debuted the trailer for Resident Evil: Damnation. Known as Biohazard: Damnation in Japan, the feature-length, computer-animated horror 3D film by Capcom and Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan. Directed by Makoto Kamiya and produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the film is a sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration, and revolves around bio-organic weapons used in the European warzone. Leon Kennedy returns as the hero tasked to save the day. Ada is back as well. A DVD release for the film is expected in the west on September 25, while it will release in cinemas in Japan on October 27.

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user54670072345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

So that guy who was in the first teaser who people though was Billy Cohen is now most likely just a random NEW character

Jesus Christ Capcom....wheres Jill, Barry, Rebbeca, Billy, Carlos. They keep adding new characters instead of using old characters we havent heard from in years. Least give them one epic send off if you don't want to use them anymore

One thing which bugs me is that they are using Paul Mercier as Leons voice actor in this film yet in the game they are using a differen't voice actor...what's the point of that. I'm sure they are doing it with Ada aswell, she sounds more like RE4s Ada then RE6s.

Anyway at the end


Ashley's back ?

WeskerChildReborned2345d ago

Finally they are gonna release the movie. By the way, does anyone know when the movie will take place cause i heard before RE4-RE5.

DarkBlood2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

i read something about it being 6 months prior to resident evil 6 because someone said it referenced an event in the game

Organization XII2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Am I the only one here who actually despises the Resident Evil film tie-ins? Particularly that "lead" ugly boobless Russian chick?

Edit: My bad I meant the live-action films, this one looks badass!

NellyNel_7_1_32345d ago

i cant wait to watch this movie!

Lilioups2345d ago

great at least it looks way better than the craps anderson is doing with his movies

WeskerChildReborned2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I actually like the movies, i just hate how it has the Resident Evil title on it though. Yea, i know it's based of the RE universe and has some characters from the games but Anderson has really altered the story of RE basically making it into something different that i don't really like that much.

Kyosuke_Sanada2345d ago

Really makes me wish that Silent Hill had the funds so someone can make CG movies of it......

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