New Pictures of the Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console and Headset

HBO Have snapped some pics of the Halo 4 console from a fan event last night. Looks even better than the promo shots.

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AO1JMM1956d ago

Looks cool but I already own a Halo 3 green xbox and a Reach xbox

nukeitall1955d ago

It looks really nice, but I already own the Gears of War Xbox 360. By far my favorite design so far, with a close second with the Star Wars one.

I like the fact that there is artwork on this (or some sort of design), not just a pure color change like some of the older Xbox 360 special editions and PS3.

SixZeroFour1955d ago

i wish they would sell those special edition xbox as full body plates cause then i would buy some, wouldnt care if it didnt have the custom sounds

CGI-Quality1956d ago

Humor me, what of it looks cheap?

h311rais3r1956d ago

Cheap to him means it's not a ps3

nukeitall1955d ago


I used to think the older phat Xbox 360 looked cheap due to the matte plastic and the PS3 looked damn expensive (which it was).

With the PS3 Slim it looks so cheap with that matte and textured plastic and the PS3 beetle (Slim 2) looks even cheaper. The Xbox 360 S now looks all shiny and expensive.

My only complaint, why isn't the Xbox 360 smaller without and external power brick and why does it still have a tray?

LoneWolf0191956d ago

Damnit i only saw a shitty pic and definitly had a hard fought debate with myself of not getting it. But after seeing it on the floor DDD; damnit now i want it and that headset.

LackTrue4K1956d ago

i wish sony would do bad ass themes like this to there ps3's!!! im thinking of getting a xbox 360 for my kid.

CGI-Quality1956d ago

Overseas, they do (Ni No Kuni, Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2, for instance). But I agree, wish they offered more (Uncharted, God of War, Killzone themed bundles would be killer)!

LackTrue4K1956d ago

im a big killzone fan, but a ps3 killzone theme NEVER CROSSED MY MIND!!! that would be so sick~!!!!!!!

Skate-AK1955d ago

The Ni No Kuni one is awesome. My favorite is the Tales of Xillia one

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The story is too old to be commented.