The PS3 "Super Slim", Gamescom & The PS4's Future [Analysis]

Media Street writes: "The Internet recently exploded with brand new "leaked" images of Sony's long-rumored hardware revision of the PlayStation 3, leaving many to believe that - if found to be real - the imminent launch of a PlayStation 4 could be a bit farther than anticipated."

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motherboop2348d ago

Just to clarify, PS2 90000 series, or the "remade again" version did launch in 2007 in Japan, however it didn't mke it stateside until September 2008, almost a year and a half later.

ghost042348d ago

I like the glossy finish and the touch buttons of my "fat PS3", I wasn't much of a fan of the "slim PS3" with the flat black finish and the actual buttons, but this new "super slim PS3" is just plain ugly...and talks about how the top slides over to insert the basically all the cool and modern technology they used on the "fat PS3" they stripped away..isn't technology suppose to get better, why are we going backwards? just because it's cheaper!! While I do agree it is a smart move by Sony, it'll help save them money on production costs even if it is a few dollars on each unit, over the next couple of years added up it'll save them a ton, and since they'll be cheaper to make they Sony can sell them cheaper, which puts them in a good spot when they release the PS4, and that way there's a significant price difference between two when the PS4 is launched.

LackTrue4K2348d ago

i hope they bring them touch sensitive buttons back on this one, and a glossy finish too.

WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

I think that Sony had a reason to take away the glossy look. Maybe because it causes the system to overheat but idk, i liked the look.

kneon2348d ago

More likely it's more expensive to produce, any little scuff during manufacturing would cause the case to be rejected. The mat finish is more durable.

Pretty much all those that really wanted a PS3 have already bought one long ago. Now they need to cut the cost down so everyone else can get one. With the cuts they've done it could go as low as $150 for the 16gb model.

WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

@Kneon, Yea i was also thinking that the gloss could be more expensive and also be less durable but yea, but if this is true, i could see the 16gb being for casual gamers and only being $100 and then the 250gb could possibly be $150 and then the 500gb could be $200 or it could be that 16gb is $150, then 250gb could be $200 and the 500gb could be $250.

kneon2348d ago

I can't see the base model going to $100 any time soon. Pulling the hard drive likely only saves them about $20-30. But adding in the 16gb flash will cost them about $100 according to Apple accounting methods :) Just kidding, the flash probably only costs them around $5.

But really I expect the total manufacturing cost to only go down about $30-50 in total so $100 price is still out of reach for now.

Gridloc2348d ago

This will definatley make Microsoft put their new Xbox out first. Once the price drops you will see a surge in ps3 sales and eventually surpase the Xbox in total numbers sold. Doesn't look like Sony is in any hurry to jump in next gen. Big gamble in putting out a $400 or more console in this economy.

StreetsofRage2348d ago

"Once the price drops you will see a surge in ps3 sales and eventually surpase the Xbox in total numbers sold."

I heard that many times before.

GribbleGrunger2348d ago

yeah, you heard it when the 360 was 8 million in front, then when the 360 was 5 million in front, then when the 360 was 3 million in front and now you're hearing it again now the 360 is 2 million in front. what part of catching up do you 360 owners not understand? is it the inevitable overtaking? how long is this denial going to last?

I'm not bothered about who wins. It just tests my patience when the answer is in front of peoples faces and they just can't bring themselves to face it.

StreetsofRage2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

You sony boys are the ones that care about total numbers. Seriously I imagine you kids going bananas if this gen ended with the ps3 selling 70 million and the Xbox 360 selling 69 million.

Because when you look at the past facts and the history of both consoles, Microsoft and Nintendo are the CLEAR winners and Sony is the CLEAR loser.

Facts are not the truth? Both Microsoft and Nintendo combined didn't even get close to the ps2 in sales. Look at them now! Say Goodbye to Sony's market share. Fact! The PlayStation name used to dominate! Now it doesn't. Fact!

Another fact, your father is a douche. :)

Gridloc2348d ago

You must be a republican. Facts are not the truth in your mind. Have fun with the same 3 games next gen... Douche

GribbleGrunger2348d ago


do you think the PS3 will sell 70 million? It's going to sell well over 100 million before it's discontinued. mark my words

SIdepocket2348d ago

Mark the words of a Sony troll kiddy from n4g? That's rich.

Outside_ofthe_Box2348d ago

***"Microsoft and Nintendo are the CLEAR winners and Sony is the CLEAR loser."***

Hilarious. 2 winners and only 1 loser. Only in the minds of MS fans.

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WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

Well i think they are only 2 mill away from Xbox sales so the slim will most likely give it a push in sales.

Gridloc2348d ago

These xbots think the current gen wil be over when Microsoft stops supporting the 360. Which will be mere months after the new Xbox is in stores. I stopped supporting Microsoft when they stopped supporting games for gamers, not this kinect crap.

kneon2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I expect they will continue to sell at least the 4gb model as an ultra cheap entry level model bundled with kinect.

blackblades2348d ago

I can't believe it'll look like that, but I like the 16gb cause people just going to swap it with there own anyway like me.

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