Devil May Cry 4 - Impressions for Xbox 360 and PS3

The staff over at Loot Ninja was able to download both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the upcoming killer app Devil May Cry 4 before the network slowdowns. Read on to see Loot Ninja's impressions and a comparison of both versions of the newly released demo.

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resistance1003710d ago

I can't get on PSN due to uni, can any one with a DS3 confirm that DMC4 has rumble aswell

jackdoe3710d ago

I'm not sure if there is rumble in the demo, but rumble was confirmed.

Shuya3710d ago

Yes resistance100, DMC4 rumbles on ps3

Mr_Kuwabara3710d ago

Yeah game controls having changed that much but it doesn't have to, the controls were just superb. Oh, and why is it that the damn rumble PS3 controller is taking so long to show up for the U.S. in the first place? =/

jackdoe3710d ago

That, I don't quite understand. Especially since Uncharted and Resistance added rumble support months ago.

Adamalicious3710d ago

I'm guessing it takes awhile to make enough of them to get them on every store shelf in the US (let alone NA) all at once. Pair that with that they might come out with a PS3 SKU with it packed in and they've got to make an awful lot of the.

TruthBTold3710d ago

Ive been asking my self the same question. How many DS3 can they make in a day, its been a while, they should ship them already. Ive been considering importing one from playasia but its almost 80 bucks. I know it would be worth it though

jackdoe3710d ago

I'm hearing a lot about the easy difficulty of DMC4. A little worrying.

fiercescuba3710d ago

The demo was not that hard at all, but again, its a demo. They usually are easier to attract a wider audience. There is a confirmed difficulty setting on the final version. If you can stroll through normal, just crank it up a notch or 2.

chanto233710d ago

the demo is set to easy so the casual gamers dont get scared...if not, who cares...gameplay its still classic DMC and thats all that matters...

Daishi3710d ago

How about that music during the fights! Thank goodness Days of Ruin came out to keep me busy till this comes out. I heart Nero!

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The story is too old to be commented.