Why Netscape Almost Never Happened

The article talks about how Netscape was almost never created because the creators wanted to make an online gaming network for Nintendo 64 instead, and Nintendo was willing to fund it. It's fun to think about how N64 could have had the first online gaming network before Xbox Live or Dreamcast.
It's an interesting read because Nintendo always gets called out for being "slow" at online gaming. Especially in relations to the Wii and Wii U. Yet the article shows a timeline of Nintendo and Netscape trying to get an online network created multiple times throughout the Nintendo 64's history. It's also interesting because a lot of the ideas they had during the N64 days (like the original ideas for Randnet) for online gaming, are ideas they are using with Wii and Wii U. One of the ideas reminded me of Miiverse.
The article even shows Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo's former president and Nintendo of America's Howard Lincoln, expressing interest in online gaming with Netscape's Navio company. There were rumors from IGN of Netscape creating online software for the Nintendo GameCube too.

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Jadedz2348d ago

It could've played an even bigger role in the N64's semi success.