AMD Dropping Prices On HD 7970, HD 7950 & HD 7870 From 16th July

WCCFTech writes: It was inevitable yet bound to happen! AMD has now announced dropping prices on its high end HD 7000 series graphics cards with effective from 16th July this coming Monday.

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spartan_dx2260d ago

s.o.b just bought a 7970 on the 12th ($440)

dirthurts2260d ago

Same here, 7870 card...
But, there is a beta driver out that gives some good performance boost 12.7
Check that out. It's like a free upgrade!

Guwapo772260d ago

...only a $20 difference for that 7970. Nothing to get worked up about.

dcbronco2259d ago


Some stores might still offer a 30 day price guarantee. Worth a try.

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ninjahunter2260d ago

Sheezus, seems just like yesterday i dropped over $200 for a 6850 T_T


LAWSON722259d ago

I just got a 6850 for $120. Lol

Eyesoftheraven2260d ago

Damn.. just bought a 7970 back in April.

hiredhelp2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Bought mine early febuary still loving it, overclocked it 4 times to test what it likes doesnt like never gave me issues even when i ran think 4th driver now.

Mine was a sapphire refrence design mine never goes above 60c 70c max now its summer here,on full load i custome set fans 10% at every 10degress. Every game runs smooth soo far love it .
This price drop isnt much of a drop be honist doesnt need it too much but have been thinking about the 7990 not that i need it .

Overall my 7970 HD has give me performance like no other card ive had before, its stable it has twin bios switch witch is great And was made with overclocking in mind. Yes refrence stock fans can be loud but thats ok with me.
The card was bought with next gen in mind i know im happy gamer for good few so years yet.