X3F hands-on: Devil May Cry 4 demo

XBOX360 Fanboy writes:
If you have an Xbox 360, you're pretty much obligated to download the Devil May Cry 4 demo. There are two reasons for this: 1) you're really excited for Devil May Cry 4, whether it's because you love the series or are a fan of action, or 2) you know this is the first Devil May Cry game for an Xbox console and you're trying to figure out what group number 1 thinks is so great about it. Truth be told, we actually fall somewhere in the middle, as we have played bits and pieces of previous Devil May Cry titles but have never actually completed one. Given our limited experience with the series, we can safely say that the demo provides more of what fans have come to enjoy, and uninitiated action fans should definitely take note. Read on for our impressions of the demo.

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Federal-Actors-Guild3861d ago

This game looks better on the ps3, i saw the 360 version and doesnt look as good as the ps3, and he has a really good tv.


power of Green 3861d ago

I agree the AI is Sh8t hope they fix it or that it was on very easy. Looking at graphics is only appealing for so long before you need substance. Hate to buy a pretty POS.

eddierivera3861d ago

Its pretty cool that the demo came out first. Im glad it did, cause I almost bought this game. Maybe its cause it was over hyped. I dont know. I remember enjoying the other Devil May Cries but this just didnt do anything for me. The graphics arent even that good, Call of duty looks better than this.. Oh well,

Rice3861d ago

I heard good and bad things about this game.... is it a must purchase or just a rental?

eddierivera3861d ago

definatley a rental, unless you just wanna add games to your library.. I got money, but I actually got turned off by the demo. I expected way better graphics and better gameplay.

Rice3861d ago

thanks, since i dont have a wad load of cash, i just migt rent it.

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The story is too old to be commented.