Vita Grip Face-Off: PDP vs. HORI

We evaluate two of the leading Vita grips on the market.

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MagneticDeath2346d ago

I personally love the PDP design had it since launch.

Unexpecta2346d ago

Same, I've had them since launch and no complaints here.

Jessemcs9512346d ago

I have the pdp trigger grip but the triggers feel very clunky and unresponsive at times it feels very good in the hands but to me the triggers were bad anybody else feel experiencing this. could it be a defect in my product. Clicking on the triggers just isn't very smooth it just feels weird considering that is the main attraction of the product and I would admit everything else about it is great besides the triggers themselves.

MagneticDeath2346d ago

They work fine allthough there is no click or feedback that you hit the triggers. could be better but they feel great and make the vita better to hold. I still think they are better than not using at all.

R_aVe_N2346d ago

I really dont like how the Hori the Vita kinda just sit on the base makes it look really odd. The PDP looks like a better thought out design which helps it blend better with the Vita. I don't own either just going by the pics.

Jessemcs9512346d ago

I got it since launch too and I could still say I love the design the triggers didn't really work for me personally but I still the grip because it feels very nice in the hands. And I noticed the fault with my triggers when playing unit 13 uncharted and burning skies. Sometimes I fire in shorter bursts for accuracy which requires more response of the triggers it was quite difficult and annoying to pull off at times. Well it was 15 for overall good quality so it's nothing too bad

searcam012346d ago

I want both of these. They look very comfortable. All I have is the nerf case which still has a nice grip and still is very comfortable for me.

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