A Single Console World

A musing about how things would change if there were only one console format in existence. What are the implications of a single industry standard with no competitors.

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Chaostar2347d ago

I've thought about this a lot and I agree with the writer. While competition can breed excellence it can also choke a market, fracture game development and cause confusion.

If we look back at previous generations, there's always been one console that dominated the market but we never had a lack of quality games or paid DLC or insane DRM.

The developers and publishers are where the competition should lie, they can battle among themselves to make their game stand out. The upside to the developers is that they only have to make games for a single system focusing their efforts on making the game run as best it can on that platform without the worry/hassle/cost of porting or side by side development.

In the end, like most big business, it's all about control. The console manufacturers want to control the content you enjoy, to take their cut and promote their brand so there'll never be a single console. We're stuck with bickering companies and rabid fanboys until cloud gaming takes over, oh, and expect tons of whining about that too.

hennessey862347d ago

is only ever a good thing and as for cloud gaming taking over............when that happens I will stick with the last console I purchased.

Chaostar2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Yup, that's the mantra alright but why? You used your one bubble to make the statement, you could have at least explained why you believe that. If you want to PM me with an answer I'll happily post it here for you.

I can understand things like battling for features, price points and such but when it comes to games I don't think the developers would have put any less effort in had they only one choice of console to work on. In fact, some multi-plat games may even work better for everybody, since everybody would have the same console.

If it's prices you are worried about then that is as much consumer controlled as it is marketing. If the consumer doesn't think something is worth the money they won't buy it, simple as. On the other hand, if popularity of a product dictates a higher price e.g COD maps, how is that different from now?

I'm not saying competition has no merit just that it's not the magical portal to better games/service that some believe.

JsonHenry2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

LOL @ it choking the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Competition is only good for the consumer. There is little to none (if any) downsides for the consumer.

A single platform however has so many downsides it would take several pages to list them all.

+1 to your Marxist stat Chaostar.

denawayne2346d ago

So if a single platform is bad then how many is good? Two, three, ten? I've always said there should be one console that is only restrained by specs. Each manufacturer, i.e. Sony, MS., Nintendo, could do what they want with it in terms of GUI, controller (as long as they have the same amount of inputs), and price point. It should be like a DVD player. Imagine if only Sony DVDs played in only Sony DVD players? How would that be good for the consumer?

Chaostar2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Well, thanks for keeping it classy /s

I keep reading the same thing over and over but nobody has really explained why. If you read the article and my previous comments correctly you'd see that we're not making an argument against competition at all. More trying to point out the merits of a standard in hardware which would shift the competition to publishers and developers.

The only real problem with that (as hicken pointed out below) is companies would just try to secure exclusive content for their brand of universal console. Although I don't know how they would achieve exclusivity if the games work on all consoles.

"A single platform however has so many downsides it would take several pages to list them all."

Go on, give us ten then.

Darth Stewie2346d ago

If it were to happen than the console would be called Skynet.

Dms20122346d ago

Hmm, a MS, Sony, and Nintendo console. Wonder how that would turn out?

WeskerChildReborned2346d ago

Idk, if two groups teamed up, then it would make me wonder how it will end up.

Tone2346d ago

Thats what Trip Hawkins had in mind when he brought about the 3DO.

Capt-FuzzyPants2346d ago

If there was only one console they could just make it really really expensive. Theywouldn't have to worry about competition.

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