Imagining GTA V with first person mode

Product-Reviews writes: The GTA franchise is now obviously known for its third-person approach to gameplay, especially during combat, but would you support the idea of having a secondary mode for those who want to try out playing GTA V in first-person? If you haven’t played the PC version of GTA IV, you are probably unaware at the amazing possibilities that are available thanks to the use of user-made mods.

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danswayuk2262d ago

This is a great option, and if you don't like it then you don't need to use it.

SolidStoner2261d ago

cant agree more..
anyways GTA 3d person mode is very good, on of the best I've seen..
I prefer first person overall

Army_of_Darkness2261d ago

I don't need first person view in every single damn game. Especially GTA.

paydayp2261d ago

u already had it in gta4 take a bike switch the view and u saw your gun first person if i remember it correct it was always fun to go on the sidewalk an shoot stuff up that way or with a bus then go first person u be almost unstoppable:)

NukaCola2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I kind of wish you could go first person when driving or in a helicopter. That would be pretty cool.

hazelamy2261d ago

i'm sure some of the previous GTAs let you switch to a first person, or in car at least, view when driving.

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hazelamy2261d ago

so long as it was only ever an option, and they didn't design it around the first person mode so third person play isn't lumbered with the usual issues that creates, then i would not be opposed to it.

BitbyDeath2261d ago

Option would likely ruin the game.
3rd person doesn't work properly in Skyrim because it also has to suit first person.

Beate2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

If this is made by the community then that is fine with me, but if you want R* to implement this into the game then there is where the line needs to be drawn. Companies aren't just going to put it in and leave it at that. They will, for the sake of their reputation, try to make sure the experience in that perspective is up to their standards. Thus taking away from other areas of development. Let them do what they do best, third-person, so we can get as many features as possible without them worrying about one that doesn't really matter.

PersonMan2261d ago

First person view is annoying. Stop trying to turn every game into a first person shooter.