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Submitted by PockyKing 1304d ago | news

Battlefield 4 - "Stay Tuned for the Real Scoop"

It seems the Official Battlefield page on Twitter is keen to staying tight lipped on the subject of the Battlefield 4 rumor/confirmation flying around tonight. All they're saying at this point, is watch the official Battlefield page. The banner for the listing has also been removed and replaced with a Battlefield 3 Premium banner. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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MrGunny94  +   1304d ago
This is just so stupid.... EA... what the hell are you doing...

In 2005 Battlefield 2 came out and i played it till October 2012 which was the month that BF3 came out... BF3 was dissapointing... A joke compared to BF2

All i want is a BF2 in HD... What you're going to do with BF4 right now? BF3 is growing and has a life cycle not nearly as BF2 but 2-3 years...

The only reason is NEXT GEN and it's because of CONSOLES... Is it EA?

A BF4 in less then 4 years makes no bloody sense... DICE you could make 2143 or a new Vietnam game (that BFBC2 expansion was "good" but doesn't gives the full experience that a full game would)

What about a 1944 or 1941 (not 1943 because already exists on consoles XBLA and PSN)

C'mon DICE what the hell
PockyKing  +   1304d ago
Blame EA for wanting to compete with Call of Duty every year with the already over-saturated military shooter market. I think it's too early to judge, maybe they'll go future with it and follow the ongoing trend from Modern to Future. Dust 514, Planetside, Black Ops 2, Future Soldier, Crysis 3..
Yi-Long  +   1304d ago
If this is true....
... then EA/DICE lost me....

I was a big fan of BF2 and Battlefield 1943.

I had all the trust in them they'd do a great job with Battlefield 3.

Sadly, BF3 moved much too far away from the Battlefield experience, and focussed too much on the CoD experience, coupled with some greed, and splitting the community up.

The final nail in the coffin was the crap they pulled with the servers.

I almost feel guilty about recommending BF3 to my friends who went out and bought it, although never having played a BF game before.

There are only a couple of maps in the game worth playing, which is far from enough, from a series that was once the absolute best.

Battlefield of Duty 4!? No thanks.
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Hellsvacancy  +   1303d ago
Where the fu<k is Bad Comapany 3? id be happy with that

Im not ready for BF3, theres still content yet to be announced let alone released
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Eyesoftheraven  +   1303d ago
@PockyKing: In Crysis' defense, that series has had futuristic elements since #1.
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Winter47th  +   1303d ago
Wow everyone's so butt hurt all of the sudden huh? Deja Vu Left4Dead2 anyone?
AzaziL  +   1303d ago
I blame the consumers who've proven that you can put the least amount of effort possible towards a sequel and still manage to break previous sales records.

And we wonder why sequels from most games end up being a disappointment these days.
chukamachine  +   1304d ago
What is it you don't like about BF3.

It's more accurate then bf2, has better graphics then bf2, you have the map pack which includes some maps from bf2, there are some very nice maps in the game anyway, sound is better.

The only thing i miss about old battlefield games compared to new ones is size and distance. other then that BF3 is the better game.

I'm hoping BF4 is in the future, or on another planet with futuristic weapons etc. I don't need another machine gun shooter. it's overdone like no tomorrow.
scrambles  +   1304d ago
BF3 maps are severely smaller. There isnt a single map yet that is anywhere close to the large ones in BF2. I doubt there will be. All the flags are way too close together on the sneak peak at armored kill map. Mechanics are dumbed down. Theres less teamwork than BF2. They removed commander which was essential to the battlefield experience in all it play like a call of duty game trying to be hardcore.
stormskiier  +   1303d ago
What about Ziba Tower? Thats the biggest battlefield map i've played yet!!
MiamiACR21  +   1303d ago
"All i want is a BF2 in HD..." If people like you ruled the world, things would never evolve past "HD".
Urbz7870  +   1303d ago
You mean october 2011.
ritsuka666  +   1303d ago
It is clear that EA are going down the Activision route and milking this franchise as much as they can in.

Do yourselves all a favor and sign up to Planetside 2, that game aims to be around for a long time, no yearly rehashesBS form garbage of EA, a passionate development team who listen to the community.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1303d ago
Yep, i guess they think just cause Battlefield is a success, that it has to release often which is not true. I wan't them to spend time on the game.
Muffins1223  +   1303d ago
I would like to see a battlefield 2143 remake but nothing is wrong with having a battlefield in 2014(almost 3 years)I dont think it will come out this year,it takes more time to make battle field than that piece of crap we know as Call of duty
demetreHG  +   1303d ago
Wah wah wah !!!!!
Oh_Yeah  +   1303d ago
im playing threw battlefield 3's campaign right now. its not that great at all, they nailed the multiplayer but i wouldnt mind if they came out with an epic dlc campaign thats a bad company style dlc but a whole new game? stop it.

BAD COMPANY NEEDS TO COME BACK because this shit is generic as anything. if i wanted that i could play cod.

whats up with all the people who were praising the graphics also? because on my ps3 in 1080p it doesnt look like omg! crysis 2 is still the better looking fps, people really hyped these graphics.. at least on consoles...the mission im on right now one of my fellow soldiers has no legs -__- just looks like hes floating
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swat_teem  +   1303d ago
i want bad company 3 also BBC2 played better then BF3 if you know what i mean
yodawins  +   1301d ago
the game came out in october 2011? and this one will come out in 2013, you don't have to play the new one and you can continue to play whatever the fuck you want. everybody wants a new game for next gen so stfu.
MrGunny94  +   1304d ago
Call of Duty will kill itself like it's what gonna happen to World of Warcraft, nothing will kill them because they're killing themself, the fanbase will wake up at some point

To me the future of FPS is holding on Planetside 2 and DUST 514 due to the persistent universe...
PockyKing  +   1304d ago
nah, the average consumer will pick up any release of the next "cod" game just because it's cod and that's what their friends are playing. Same with Battlefied, Medal of Honor, Halo etc. Not saying any of those are bad games, but only people who play different multitudes of games are going to say "hey, I want something different." To the average gamer, all they want is new maps, weapons and some upgrades and their good to go.
MrGunny94  +   1304d ago
I undertsand your statement and i agree with it unfornately people just want reskin and recolor...

But it's time to wake up
supersonicjerry  +   1304d ago
People buy the games for the competitiveness at least I do. Well certain people some people just buy because they're dumb.
PockyKing  +   1303d ago
How are you "dumb" for buying a product?
atticus14  +   1303d ago
Im sorry but CoD and WoW are not killing their-selves. CoD still breaks sales record and WoW has 10 million subs.

Im sure they are checking their couch cushions for money @ activision/blizzard HQ.

As much as i see people hate on those games, you would think sales would suffer, but its pretty obvious that hating is just part of being an internet hipster.

As a disclaimer I am someone who doesnt really like CoD because it dumbs down the FPS genre, Quake 3 is my favorite online shooter by far and the more games like CoD are successful the less chance a more hardcore game like Q3 gets made, but im still not going to delusion myself that CoD is "killing itself" when the sheep eat it up every year then complain about it after they bought it.

Just like people who complain about WoW but still subscribe....your really showing them!
ThatKanadianKid  +   1304d ago
Premium fans cannot like the news of this. I was hoping for Bad Company 3 before the next sequel. Looking forward to hearing the real story behind this.
Wizziokid  +   1304d ago
they should have waited for next gen for this game, then they could of brought 64 players to console and the bigger maps.

this isn't appealing to me at all and I love Battlefield
Tonester925  +   1303d ago
All they said was Be able to play the Battlefield 4 Beta. There wasn't a date announced so I don't know why everyone is going crazy about this. It could be in 2015 for all we know.

*Since the Battlefield Elites have been playing BF2 for 5+ years since the release of BF3.

Don't jump to conclusions
vickers500  +   1304d ago
I'll wait until I see more. Who knows, maybe it's Bad Company style (or something different) gameplay but they just changed the name to a full title instead of having "bad company" because it will probably sell better as BF4 than BC3.

But unlike the children here on n4g, I'm not going to flip out just yet, over what is JUST a title no less. I'll wait until I see some gameplay or hear something about it to criticize.
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TopDudeMan  +   1304d ago
Hey, just make sure I don't have to install origin to play it. That's all. I don't want that spyware on my computer.
ChunkyLover53  +   1304d ago
And this surprises people why?
Wizziokid  +   1303d ago
We could have all guessed it was coming but the surprise is how soon after Battlefield 3 it is, people were expecting more of another Bad Company then BF4, not another BF4 straight away.

I do hope it's a launch title for next gen and they don't tack it onto the end of this one
ChunkyLover53  +   1303d ago
EA regularly does one or two year cycles for their games. Bad Company was two year, Medal Of Honor is now two year, and Battlefield is not two year.

EA turned Mass Effect into a two year franchise, Dead Space as well. All of their sports games are yearly.

Why would EA waste time on a Bad Company game when so many suckers fell for their ploy with Battlefield 3?
Tonester925  +   1303d ago
How soon is it? There wasn't a date announced!
sandman224  +   1304d ago
Let's hope they wait I'd love to play battlefield 4 but not on a 360 or ps3. They should wait for the 720 and ps4 then make it. That way I won't have to buy a high end pc.
pandehz  +   1304d ago
I think the players who bitch about BF3 are cod fanbois or dont have a powerful setup and get lagshotted and whine

Besides these, everyone else is busy enjoying themselves. Some of the servers that I regular goto are always packed and queued

BF3 is a badass game, if you dont like it fair enough but according to me its better than BF2 and I have played BF2 a lot.
I have also followed BF since the beginning.
leogets  +   1303d ago
probably put the banner up for a bit of a giggle and to see what the fans would think if they did the cod route.if true then it wont be out for 2 years whats the prob? battlefield bc series was 2 yearly. we all know 1 single game never has more than 1 year life cycle for dlc. after that year is up the game stays as it is. standard behaviour
krazykombatant  +   1303d ago
some of you hating on the bf3 grow a pair and stop sucking. Now about this sequel no just no..... Unless DICE can some how up the player count in consoles i'm not buying this shit... The large maps are fucking ghost towns on consoles. OP firestorm is just awful on CQ because there is rarely anyone to kill on foot.
Trenta27  +   1303d ago
All I can do is sigh. EA killed something else I once loved. Oh well.
badvlad  +   1303d ago
BFBC1 was the shit. Its funny i liked oasis on that game now im playing mw3 favourite map oasis. To bad, time keeps on ticking and this huge companies want easy money to earn money and survive the future.all i want is that big russian chopper with dubble propellers
Detoxx  +   1303d ago
We can't say a thing untill we see some footage
Plagasx  +   1303d ago
finbars75  +   1303d ago
I Agree %100
Lockon  +   1303d ago
I really wanted a Bad Company 3...
finbars75  +   1303d ago
I Agree %100 x2
blackhammer  +   1303d ago
Lack of mod tools prevented a real community to form.

Too bad. Battlefield appears to be limping on DLC and bullshit patching.
atticus14  +   1303d ago
I guess this shouldnt really come as a surprise, I think they even stated months ago that they will alternate between MoH and BF every year.

I like bf3 despite some of its nagging problems (which are sadly mostly community related - too many douchebags and terrible admins)

BF3 or one of the multitude of other games coming out will hold me over till a bf4 sale, fortunately I dont get caught up in the new game hype and feel the need to drop 60.
TrueGaming  +   1303d ago
I don't hate BF3 but it wasn't the step forward I thought it was going to be... BC3 is what we need if it plays similar to BC2. BC2 was my dream fps & BF3 took some steps forward ( some great maps, awesome animations & lighting, some great weapons , & believe it or not but better sound etc )& at the same time took some big steps back ( spawning probs, input lag, some bad weapons, some bad maps, too much emphasis on paid servers, hit detection, mini map in hardcore mode, etc ). Too many modern shooters doing the same crap that eventually ruins creativity for a short period of time & the consumers have to choose from a flood of uninspired fps's. IMO we need a fps that demands we play as a team or die, kinda like old socom rules, one life but killzone changing missions, & sticks players in squads & predetermines what jobs ( aka medic, assault demo etc ) the player has but lets him choose what weapons he wants... That way EVERYONE has a vital role in the game without giving them perks to feel special. We need that realistic gameplay that gives real hit points ( aka a bullet in the leg hinders mobility until a medic finds you ). Rules that punish you for not playing as a team like if the medic doesn't save you when he's by you, he gets points deducted. I can keep going but that's all IMO & my point is I don't want BF4 if it's not significantly improved from BF3...
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TrueGaming  +   1303d ago
Screw the trolls that hate on OPINIONS, ENJOY YOUR UNINSPIRED, BACK TO BACK, LAZY, HALF A$$ED FPS'S AKA COD & NOW BF3... but it's cool N4G isn't the place for CORE gamers to express OPINIONS & get an actual replythat holds up... BTW I agree 100% InTheLab
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InTheLab  +   1303d ago
Traded BF3 and CoD8 in and got almost $60 back. Not going to bother with BF4, CoD9, MoHwhat?15?, or Bad Company 3. How do so many gamers deal with the mindless repartition every year?
Soldierone  +   1303d ago
We used to deal with it by buying expansion packs....but those were only 40 dollars....
taquito  +   1303d ago
make 2143,

bf3 needs more maps, 64v64 designed maps

true commander mode

the game is awesome (on pc at least) but it still needs time to get even better

if they made bf2143 though, i'd be all about it, and please, DO NOT waste time on single player, save that crap for the console bfbc games

the bad company games are, by far, the WORST bf games. dont even make them anymore please
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fossilfern  +   1303d ago
100%! I would love a 2143 but will these Armoured kill maps have a higher player count than 32v32 on PC? If the maps are to be the biggest in BF history it would be wise for them to increase the cap.
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Soldierone  +   1303d ago
Just put in BF3 again to try and get back into it, ended up playing something else....Its not horrible, I just need to spark my interest in it again. It still has the same issues, and finding an actual DICE server sucks balls still.....

If they announce BC3, I'm game. If its BF4, then I'll probably just sell the beta code or something....unless its tied to the account like the last one....
Hufandpuf  +   1303d ago
Where the fuck is Mirror's Edge 2? I'd be happy with a BF 2143, I hope that's what it is.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1303d ago
Why is everyone so surprised by this, and how BF3 turned out? Couldn't you tell by the Beta that this game was being a bit rushed for consoles, and going the way of COD?

They really, really are obsessed with trying to take COD out.

I can' wait for next gen... they're really going to be swinging at each other, and I think they'll both be great games. Can't wait.
Ascalon94  +   1303d ago
AO1JMM  +   1303d ago
It better turn out to be a BF 2143 damn it. LOL
jason2444  +   1303d ago
-sell premium for the price of a full game
-release ANOTHER full battlefield 3 before all BF3 expansions release
Straightupbeastly  +   1303d ago
U guys need to make a stand. Don't support bf4 and stop clicking their articles. It was ridiculous the amount of hype bf3 got. Smarten up guys if u want better games. Make the devs hungry again, not complacent
sovietsoldier  +   1303d ago
just a long shot it could just be a update of the frostbite engine and they are renaming battlefield 3 to 4 to go with the update, just a thought.
JellyJelly  +   1303d ago
I think Battlefield 4 should be a next gen title, and I hope it's being developed as one. There's not much more they can add to it on current consoles that BF3 doesn't already do.
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