Intense violence, nudity and other mature contents detailed for Resident Evil 6

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed their rating summary for Resident Evil 6, detailing the game’s intense violence, nudity and other mature-rated contents (including one of the boss battles in the story).

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MrGunny942197d ago

In other news did Capcom yet comment on Health Rege? I'm not picking this up if they still have it in the final build.

PoSTedUP2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

who the bleep do they think we are!? , bleep you capcom you've lost your talent, bleep you and you're piece of bleep dying franchise, die slow as bleep , jerks...

"we've ruined the main catch of the RE experience, but here, hear's some naked stuff and a little more violence to keep you occupied" bleep you, bleep off, just another game i don't have to buy while i play the franchises i love that keep making the games by why i love them.

aCasualGamer2197d ago

Holy mother of god. Someone is not feeling too well today, huh?

PoSTedUP2197d ago

no this is rage from a Hard Core gamer, mr. casualgamer... ok so go back to playing your casual games while i b**** about how my hard core games become more and more casual. curse you casual gamer, it's all YOUR BLEEPING FAULT!!!!!

ljh2172196d ago

Mate, just don't buy the game. There's a ton of indie developers creating some fantastic games catered to us hardcore gamers for a fraction of the price of this dumbed down rubbish.

vickers5002196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )


Jesus, I'd hate to see you when a fast food place messes up your order.

PoSTedUP: A big mac?! WTF IS THIS SH*T!!! I told those stupid f*cking morons double cheeseburger with mustard only. F*CK OFF AND DIE A SLOW DEATH YOU MCDONALDS A*HOLES!!! RAAARRGGGH!!!!!

GaMErFoLife882196d ago

you have a right to be mad as im am too.....but dont give up on em to soon Dragons dogma is the shit. i think RE has just run out of steam, it cant be oranginal anymore.

PoSTedUP2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

@ vicks. no i do not love fast food as i have loved my games. more like when a GF cheats on you. how would you feel then? "F$%^ Y%$ B#$%#!"
yeah better analogy...

@games, yeah maybe you're right. all good things come to an end

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Snookies122196d ago

Yeah, I'm sure it'll be in the final build. They've ruined everything else in Resident Evil. I was half expecting it to be rated E at this point lol.

ReservoirDog3162196d ago

Haha, health regeneration, more co op and spiders.

Ehhhhhh this sounds like a horrible game for me.

avengers19782196d ago

Hasn't it been going downhill for years... It's not like wow all of a sudden they are crapping on the franchise... the last RE i felt was true survival horror was RE: nemesis ( i think it was 3) and really 2 was probably the best in the series.

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Lord_Sloth2197d ago

Nudity in a game with Ada Wong.......Hmm............ I detect many a nerd will buy this now, even if they say they won't.

aCasualGamer2197d ago

Hahahha! Instant GOTY if Ada is naked in this one.

Jokes aside, why is there nudity in a Resident Evil game? Are they going Heavy Rain and bringing a soft porn scene to the table?

Can't think of a reason why nudity would be in a game like this.

Robochobo2197d ago

It's simple... People love polygonal nudity, and nudity sells.

TheCagyDies2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Opps, didn't mean to comment here.

GaryOak2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

According to the story,the nudity comes from a half human,half spider lady that feels her boobies while straddling your character.I'm gonna vomit/pre-order this game.
Edit:Etackett2010's comment below beat me to it by a minute.Read his comment for a better explaination :)

HammadTheBeast2197d ago

Same reason all the other crap is in. Gets more buyers.

Bimkoblerutso2197d ago

^You just described pretty much the entire mainstream gaming industry these days.


WeskerChildReborned2196d ago

Niether can i cause their would be no reason for the game to include nudity in the first place and if Capcom really think's people will buy cause nudity, then wow.

Sephris2196d ago

I doubt there will be actual nudity in it. I screen the games my eldest boy can play and I've had 3 games that said there was nudity or partial nudity in it. This is how nudity in games tends to work. If you take Jabba the Hutt and put a nipple on him, it's nudity. So chances are if there is nudity in this one, it will probably be the deflated, rotting boob of a zombie, not Ada doing a striptease.

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user54670072197d ago

If people were that bothered about seeing Ada Wong naked they would use Rule 34 like most people do on 4chan..."if it exsists theres porn of it"

MrGunny942197d ago

Why woulod i buy a game just because Ada Wong is naked? That just doesn't make any sense in my head... It's just a virtual character...

People need to get out sometimes and get social.. you don't need to stay at home playing all day.. games will be there waiting for you... the persons that care about you won't.

sllshrm2197d ago

People get attached to video game characters, thats why they play games in the first place.

Oh and you go out with friends and have fun? Tell me how much your social life is better than me!

Laxman2197d ago

Just becuase someone finds the rendering of a virtual character attractive, does not mean they do not have a 'social life' outside of video games.

And who is to say video games themself arent social? Maybe you're playing the wrong games, or neglecting important features within them, if you think video games arent social.

Run_bare2196d ago

I actually would buy it if it's true :) hahaha.. I buy this anyway if it's not.

SwiftShot2195d ago

If the people that care are not there......They don't care.

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TheCagyDies2197d ago

One female boss character (a human-spider hybrid) is depicted nude—though without any discernible details (i.e., no nipples or genitalia); during one attack move, she briefly caresses her breasts while straddling on players'

I wonder who the female boss is???

aCasualGamer2197d ago

Maybe Ada Wong will mutate into that boss?

unknownhero11232196d ago

wait, how do you know this? was there a leak that I missed?

TheCagyDies2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

It was on the ESRB rating summary in the article.

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