Two New SSBB Gameplay Videos

Two videos of an online battle between Nintendo's headquarters in Kyoto and the development team in Tokyo were posted at the SSBB website. It's interesting to watch the two teams battle it out in this highly anticipated installment of Smash Brothers.

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Alpha_Gamer3775d ago

I am really glad to have a wii. Me and my bud always played melee on the weekends, then we moved on to halo 3 online...but soon BRAWL will be our game to play while hanging out.

EastCoastSB3775d ago

I'd definitely buy a Wii for this....if only I could find one in stores.

R M Spender3775d ago

ill sell you a new japanese Wii smash bros. bundle. sound like a good deal?

HeroOfCows3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Makes me wish I had a Wii =(
Edit: Good thing no one saw that idiotic mistake.

R M Spender3775d ago

it looks like the give you a second after time is up to get your eat sh1t smack in like Halo!! yeeeeeeaaa!!