New PS3 models with 16, 250 and 500 GB appear in the FCC has gotten its hands on clearer images of the brand new PS3 model, including a size comparison with previous PS3 models.

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unworthy152229d ago

awesome, looks a lot better in the high quality images

ElitaStorm2229d ago

next thing you know they have made a Nano PS3

decrypt2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


This is nothing amazing lol. My 4 year old laptop is just as slim, comes with a screen and is more powerful than the PS3 ;-) Plays most games in 1080p(its equipped with a GTX 260m).

So while Sony just managed to shrink the PS3 down to Size, they are still lagging behind in terms of power.

DebateMaster2228d ago

@decrypt lol nobody care about your laptop.

Totoro172228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

@decrypt I totally care lol...I bought myself an Asus G73SW-3DE (the 3D model) notebook and it BLOWS away anything that the PS3 and 360 can dish out. I bought Alan Wake on Steam today and the graphics are insane! Don't get me wrong, I'm a console gamer and LOVE my systems, but when it comes to sheer power and capabilities, my PC is a beast!

Mac is OK2229d ago

They're not actual shots of the console, they're renders someone in Neogaf made. The article is misleading.

Oldman1002229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

The render was created by someone on neogaf, yet gamefocus decides to embed their url onto the image and claim it as their own.

JellyJelly2228d ago

@Oldman100 - You just described what 90% of todays gaming journalism is about lol.

zeeshan2228d ago

I see a number of people saying (on other websites) that they want the Backwards compatibility and that this one might answer to all those calls but I highly doubt that. I think GAIKAI is the answer to everything related to backward compatibility. All our PSN purchases, all the PS3 games that we own could very well be moved to the cloud so we'll all be able to play PS3 games on PS4. But, this will of course suck for those who don't have access to high speed broadband. Mind you that in a number of countries 1mb-4mb connection is considered to be "broadband".

nukeitall2229d ago

Looks the same fugly to me.

Smaller, cheaper and lower power requirement is always nice though.

Gamer19822229d ago

They release this at the same price as 360 or cheaper and it will sell millions in its first couple of months though. No doubt its slimmer to save on costs and thats whats with the weird disc loading system.

avengers19782228d ago

PS3 is currently a better price that 360... well the good 360 with the 250 gig hdd... i just cant see getting one with 4 gig hdd

Totoro172228d ago

I don't know what you just said but "+" for you for having the same birth year as me ;)

Unexpecta2229d ago

Awesome? More like garbage. This new PS3 looks like garbage and I hate every bit of it. It really is the ugly duckling out of the three PS3 models.

theDECAY2228d ago

Wow, take a chill pill.

WeskerChildReborned2228d ago

I wonder how slim it will be compared to the regular slim.

morkendo232228d ago

hope it dont need REFLOWING and REBALLING in a years time like phat 60gb ps3......

Moentjers2228d ago

My first day 60Phat still works fine (now with large hdd). But: it's being blown out of dust from time to time, stands vertical next to the tv so no heat building up.

vandal GAB2228d ago

That's one fugly son of a b*tch!!

Oh_Yeah2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

still looks like a ruffled potato chip, the sliding panel idea doesn't sound to bad though... the only way ill buy one is if it includes wireless N or a solid state hard drive all for 150 or lower because if it doesnt whats the point of buying this if the current slim cost 150 in the shops around me?

BABYLEG2228d ago

That's the word I was looking for.. ruffles potato chip. it does look like it.

kneon2228d ago

I expect there aren't any actual ridges, just differently textured stripes which in these poor quality images look like ridges. It probably looks much better in person

xtremeimport2228d ago

looks nice in the first photo. the top down is still kinda ugly. But remember everyones reaction when the slim was leaked? yeah, everyone hated the sh*t outta that thing, now no one really calls it ugly.

Spydiggity2228d ago

this is how worthless gaming news is at this point. this article is the top among 5 pointless articles. what a sad joke.

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Vinc3602229d ago

Looks almost as tiny as the ps2 slim. The PS3 Slim was basically just an "in-between" update it looks like... this one is the real deal. Complete with the usual way to load the disc from the top.

wishingW3L2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

the PS2 slim is like an inch or less thin! This new PS3 slim looks of at least 4 inches wide or maybe more.

waltyftm2229d ago

Sweet, looks like the top slides left, so you can put the disc in, or am i just stupid.

unworthy152229d ago

You're right, it does look like it.

Vinc3602229d ago

No you're actually right, that could be pretty cool.

QSPR2229d ago

Looks like the wireless light is back on this model. I like it

mushroomwig2229d ago

The blue wireless light has been on every model, I'm looking at it on the slim right now.

PSPSA2228d ago


Err, no the light is missing (and the eject light) on the Slim 3000 series.

WeskerChildReborned2228d ago

Yea, it look's pretty cool and if you get YLOD, you could take your disc out easier.

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unworthy152229d ago

Look at the size comparison scheme, it does look quite a bit smaller.

Vinc3602229d ago

I still just don't like the design, I actually still prefer the original, fat PS3. 60GB model looked great, and the 20 gb fully black and glossy one is the best looking PS3 ever imo. This new one looks like the ugliest from what I've seen, but the size of it could help. I'll have to see it in front of me.