What The New Mass Effect 3 Endings Mean To Me

CHUD writes: It’s hard for me to write about the Mass Effect series. Not hard in the sense that I can’t review certain aspects of it from a narrative or gameplay-driven point of view, that stuff is easy. But just talking about Mass Effect and the impact its had on me stirs emotions that are hard to deal with for a variety of reasons. It may seem silly to get bogged down in emotions related to a video game franchise, but is it really any different than being brought to tears by a film?

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MrGunny942349d ago

What means to me? They didn't knew how to work out the story after the "real" story was leaked... then they had to change... the fanbase gave them the indocrination theory that they could grab to save themself but they didn't even cared about that

Godmars2902349d ago

they didn't give themselves enough times to do things right.

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krazykombatant2349d ago

Casey Hudson can lick my [email protected]

The new endings were better but still absolute garbage. Loving the new DLC though *Spoiler* Renegade reaper wow if a reaper can turn away from the commmands of the mystic child, then it would make the control ending stupid if they can revolt. *end spoiler*