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TM writes: 
All of it is made worse by the emphasis on Juliet's sexuality. The camera lingers back, allowing us a look at her cheerleader uniform (and, lest you tire of that, the option to buy more outfits with in-game currency is available). Classmates she rescues comment on how they'll masturbate to her later or call attention to her figure. What’s the message? I can see what Suda51 is trying to say: he's working in the sexploitation genre and calling attention to the various ways Juliet is casually debased by these comments. But it's all played for laughs or to titillate. There is even an achievement for successfully peeking up Juliet's skirt. Any message, if intentional, gets muddied and mashed until it's unrecognizable. You can't really make a game mocking objectification when that same objectification is used to sell more copies. At the end of the day, Juliet becomes little more than a living doll.

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