Tomb Raider Hands-On: Use Experience Points To Teach Lara Skills | Siliconera

Siliconera writes: Square Enix has a playable build of Tomb Raider at Comic-Con, which puts players in control of a battered Lara Croft. Visibly wounded and unarmed, Lara begins the demo tiptoeing across a log. "I can do this," she nervously muttered as I gently tilted the analog stick forward.

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joab7772343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

I am always worried about games with semi open world's and streamlined RPG elements. IF they give the appearance of an RPG but it's shallow and added simply to give the illusion of choice and customization, I find myself unsatisfied. Rage is a great example. It had all the makings of a phenomena game, but felt very limited because of this very reason. It's the RPG enthusiast in me. If u give me a little, I want more. But it can b done right and here's to hoping tomb raider is because the game looks great.

Straightupbeastly2343d ago

Xp in tomb raider? You know I really hope the world ends, I can't take it anymore