GTA IV: NaturalMotion's Euphoria Technology

The future generations of open-world gaming will not be defined by their graphics anymore. It will come down to the underlying technologies at work that replicate all the subtle nuances of physics, sound, movement, animation and camera control. That's our prediction after walking out of one of the most startling game demonstrations we've witnessed in a long time. The game is Grand Theft Auto IV, long submerged from public eyes, and the technology is Euphoria – a technology by NaturalMotion that intelligently replicates the subtle – natural – motions of the human body under various conditions.

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Rice3859d ago

wow, great find. This game sounds way more interesting ever since i saw this article. i Just might buy this...

m91058263859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Go to NaturalMotion's website and download the learning edition yourself. It's lot's of fun. Also, Indiana Jones and Star Wars are using this to a much greater extent. Wait for them before you judge the engine. I've been learning it for over 3 years. I dare say I'm close to the caliber of the developers themselves, at least with the features available in the Learning Edition.

ZeVeX3859d ago

I did ages ago and i agree wiv you it is pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

OOG FunK3859d ago

See this is what will make this game bad there are so many graphic whores to pic at screenshots....while the game has more substance then ever before

bloop3859d ago

It's GTA, graphics don't matter when it comes GTA, and I am a usually a terrible graphics whore. But I do realise gameplay is the most important, and that's where GTA always shines. I wished they'd put out a couple of in game vids with the new previews. Even if they just showed Niko walking around the streets doing nothing, I'm sure a lot of people would change their opinions. Euphoria is very impressive from what I've seen so far.

3859d ago