EA SPORTS SSX - Something Wicked Is On Its Way

Something new is coming to the mountains of SSX this summer. What's coming is still classified information but SSX Creative Director Todd Batty (kingbitty) wanted you to see his latest run, tearing it up on Mt. Boris in Siberia. Even the cleverest eyes eyes will only spot a just some of what's on the way.

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310dodo2345d ago

fix online!!!

I loved how it was before "Mt eddie" patch!!!

why do I only have to play the courses you guys say?
why cant I just play Alaska all day like I use too?

Gen0ne2345d ago

All I want is a SSX3/Tricky HD remake for PSN/XBLA. This new SSX was a let down for me.

Avalanche2345d ago

im assuming you can change the time of day for the courses?

yes all we want is SSX3 HD. THATS ALL!

hopefully we alot more FUN courses like Mt Eddie. i means theres like 4 mountains nobody touches because they are not fun.

Kaze882345d ago

Yep im rooting for SSX3 HD too!

I wish that you could turn of the survival elements from the maps and just chill and do what ever you want on the tracks. also i hate the super thin mountains or the ones that are filled with holes/gaps to fall on, why cant i just chill and concentrate on doing tricks like SSX3 dammit.

clank5432344d ago

Definitely. The colorado, alaska, himalaya and russia tracks were pretty good for that stuff, but I want a giant 30 minute run from the peak of a mountain to the bottom like SSX3!

galgor2345d ago

hd releases would be awesome, but i'd buy this if they incorporated splitscreen

noxeven2345d ago

Id like a little more then ghosting even its just private matches between friends