GCN Reviews Endless Ocean; Score 9/10

GCN writes: "Endless Ocean is a game that I have been waiting for since the greater part of 2007. My GCN office is based down in sunny Florida on the panhandle (just miles from to Destin/Sandestin) and I have access to some of the greatest sandy white beaches and the most emerald color water you could ever set your eyes upon. So fish and the ocean really have always had a place in my heart.

I remember seeing a video last year for the E3 2007 trailer under the Japanese title "Endless Blue" and the video kind of blew me away. I know in the past there have been diving Sim games on the Playstation 2 (Everblue and Everblue 2) but there was so much more potential for the diving Sim on the Nintendo Wii system with Wii-mote controls".

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wiizy3711d ago

good score for a good relaxing game