Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Exclusive Bad Girls Trailer

The girls of Tekken show off their curves and combat skills in this live action/gameplay hybrid trailer for Tag Tournament 2!

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GezForce2346d ago

smokin hot trailer.... can't take the hand off ma joystick

sinncross2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Yeah it was a pretty well made trailer that really gets me pumped to play this.

In fact I think Namco has been doing a pretty good job with the trailers for TTT2

R_aVe_N2346d ago

I personally really hate when gaming company's us real people to advertise a game. If you can't sell your game on your merits alone well you got a problem. The end game shots were really good looking they should stick with just that.

kingPoS2345d ago

Uh oh someone dun put an idea in my head for a second Tekken movie

Xperia_ion2345d ago

I would love to massage Anna :)

MaideninBlack2345d ago

So I guess this means Leo's a guy? Oh, and where's Zafina and JC/Julia in that trailer?

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