x360a Previews Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

One of the Editors at x360a writes "So, at the start of the download of the demo I was psyched. I really thought this was going to be a great game. However, the average graphics and poor use of the Unreal engine has left me with a sour taste. It's a distinctly average game made out of an outstanding idea. Some people will love it I'm sure, but let them have it. I honestly can't see this being any more than a rental for the vast majority of people. To be honest, I wouldn't even say that this game was worth waiting for the 1.2 GB to download. I think we all should just skip the theory of Churchill dying and stick with the normal WWII shooters."

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sak5003804d ago

The devs were either very brave or very stupid to release this POS as a demo. They would probably lose 90% of sales of people who tried this demo, unless they fix all the glaring problems and re release the demo.

ASSASSYN 36o3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

This game would best be served as a arcade game for the 360. It has that kind of quality. I was very bored with it.