In Defense of Tomb Raider

GZ writes: The Origin of Species is a fascinating read (or so I’m told), where Charles Darwin lays the foundation for what would become evolutionary biology as we know it today. However, did anyone ever stop to consider how it’s also the book from which all reboots/origin stories get their most basic story beat from? You probably haven’t, but I came upon the realization as I was watching the controversy surrounding the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot spiral quickly out of control. It might sound like a strange thing to consider, but it shaped my opinion on the whole issue brought forth from the E3 showings of the game.

So what exactly is the connection between an ancient book on biology and every reboot/origin story?

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Lord_Sloth2225d ago

Anybody complaining about this "rape" scene (which equates to a dude placing his hand on her side) is freaking stupid! Daytime television shows worse and actual rape scenes!

MattyG2225d ago

Yeah this is getting way out of hand. The Walking Dead has an attempted rape scene in the first season, no one said boo. People really need to just let this thing go.

310dodo2225d ago

who are you defending tomb raider from?

the millions of people who want this game?

Lara is a women on an Island surrounded by "bad" guys... threat of sexual assault is def real

Tomb Raider is growing up..maybe gamers should to