CheatCC Review: Samurai Warriors: Katana (2.3 out of 6) - Another Wii-killer?

CheatCC writes: "Samurai Warriors: Katana is Koei's anticipated title for the Nintendo Wii. Since the Wii's launch, we have been offered glimpses of the ambitious title. The first person perspective and the use of the motion sensitive controls made for a lot of excitement and curiosity. Unfortunately, the bold initiatives proffered by the title's early screens never came to fruition in the final cut. The title just feels like a simple arcade game where button mashing and remote waving overshadow any glint of skill. To make matters worse, the visuals are horrendous. The few nuggets of fun that can be found are not worth the crude gameplay and the downright ugly presentation. Knowing Koei, they're sure to make this a series. If so, this franchise is in desperate need of major reworking before it dreams of releasing a successor."

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