Top 5 Trophies That Require Pure Luck

Have you ever wondered about some trophies that require PURE LUCK and no skill at all?
Some can be obtained in 5 mins and some might take up to 1 week or even 1 month.

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Emilio_Estevez2349d ago

That first one sounds absolutely ridiculous.

PoSTedUP2349d ago

i played against someone who has beaten me with a royal flush in High Stakes. they had the video camera on and they were going CRAZY lol.

Hakoom2349d ago

you can try getting it
just post an image at 2022 :p lol

WeskerChildReborned2349d ago

10 years to get a platinum? Not even worth it.

Relientk772349d ago

That is ridiclous. I am not playing some game for 10 years to get a platinum

Hakoom2349d ago

just leave ur ps3 running for 10 years with a turbo stick for 10 years lol

Relientk772348d ago

^ehh but I wanna play my PS3, not leave it running for a decade lol

Hakoom2348d ago

sure thats why u can buy a new 1 and just leave it on for 10 years in the cellar :p

Relientk772348d ago

Dont think I'm gonna do that but thanx for the thought lol


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WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

@agha, if i did that, my PS3 wouldn't even last 10 years probably not even 1 year aha.

admiralvic2349d ago

Sam's Reach in Pachi Para (any of them) is another insane pachinko one. I have over 190 hours in 16 and DO NOT have that trophy.

sypher2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz has a similar 'luck' based trophy.

Fortune Son - Earn 250k in the bonus mini-game.

Basically once per day you are given a scratch card. If you match 3 symbols in a row you get points. So pretty much every day you earn the lowest amount (200 points) so this trophy can take 3 years if you aren't lucky

KUV19772349d ago

Plus the Trophies in Montezuma don't sync to PSN and hence don't count into your trophy level anyway. If your VITA ever dies on you or you do a complete backup/restore they will also be gone unless they changed backing up local trophy data in a recent firmware. I have a bug with my Uncharted. It is platinum locally but never makes it to PSN. I already lost them once after backup-restore. So that was really annoying but in Montezuma they are this way by design - now that's really stupid.

Soldierone2348d ago

Did you actually earn the trophy on your account?

If you change accounts, buy the game used, or borrow it and someone already unlocked the trophy, it will stay "unlocked" on the game but won't sync to your account until you personally earn it.

Hakoom2349d ago

TOM blits requires skill+luck
the trophy u mentioned requires pure luck indeed but not realy hard because u can just keep on buying cards

KLegend2348d ago

Hey how did u get trophy support for montezuma. I downloaded it to my vita after they announced trophy support and i never found any trophy list for it.

Trenta272349d ago

The stupid minigames in Rage. I hated those.

Relientk772349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Oh yeah, u had to get 4 of the same dice on one of them. Oh one of them was that stupid knife game where u can't hit a finger, I hated that one

Dark_Overlord2349d ago

Five finger fillet was easy..... if you exploited the start button :D Only took 3 attempts :)

Hakoom2349d ago

yup but they took 1~2hours to do ;p

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