Electronic Arts Passed On Reckoning 2 Despite Publicly Claiming Interest | Game Informer

Frank Gibeau President of EA labels recently told Game Informer, "We'd love to be a partner for that," when asked about the likelihood of a sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Despite claiming interest in creating a sequel a source with the development team said, "[Electronic Arts] had first right of refusal and passed back in March."

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310dodo2346d ago

they are business men.

they tell fibs too :D

Enate2346d ago

That sucks as I loved the first one an hated that the company went down. It was one the most fun rpgs I have played this generation. I loved every minute of my mage character an looked forward to dlc expanding character skills and level. The game sold what most if not all companies consider a success for a new franchise well before 38 closed their doors.

Skate-AK2346d ago

I just bought the game and made a Mage. Only level 5 but the game is awesome.

Sucitta2346d ago

the environment felt fake to me. it was supposed to be this amazing Skyrim type open world environment, yet it felt very artificial, which killed it for me.

Skate-AK2346d ago

Well it's a fanasty RPG. When I hear fanasty I think of bright colors and unusual creatures. KOA nails that IMO.