Are Trophies and Achievements still loved by Gamers?

Suck My Trend - Do gamers still love unlocking Achievements and Trophies? We take a look.

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Gamer19822259d ago

They were cool until people started abusing them. I remember back when 360 was only 3 months old and somebody had like 100,000 gamer score on 360. He had according to his profile the Jap, US, Korean and EU version of a game and got 100 gamerscore on all. Obviously game save loading did this and his gamerscore was reset by MS but then whats the point of it all? Its easy to abuse..

bub162259d ago

i love trophies, im not a trophy hunter but will collect all trophies for games i love like uncharted

mushroomwig2259d ago

You're not a trophy hunter but you'll hunt trophies for the games you love? Hmm :P

MysticStrummer2259d ago

"i love trophies, im not a trophy hunter but will collect all trophies for games i love like uncharted"

There's nothintg weird about that statement. A trophy hunter would try to collect all trophies for all games, whether he or she liked the games or not.

OT - I never loved Trophies or Achievements. I've always felt like they were a cheap way for devs to give us the illusion we're getting more content, when we're actually getting less than we used to.

LAZL0-Panaflex2259d ago

Shuud up mushroomhick.

A platinum in infamous ain't the same as a platinum in my little pony.

People with lives play games they like. If the game is awesome and you wanna live get additional time with it be a temporary trophy hunter.

I platinumed both infamous, all 3 uncharteds, crysis 1&2, enslaved, modern warfare 2, killzone 3, and mafia2.

I liked Mafia 2, crysis 2, and the infamous games so much I'm going to try platinuming them on a different user.

trickman8882259d ago

"Are trophies and achievements still loved by gamers"

Obviously. No need to go to the website to figure something as obvious as that.

Spenok2258d ago

Lol exactly. I just got my 29th platinum. And will be getting my 30th tomorrow (convenient timing more than anything)

There's just something awesome about them. Though I wont go out of my way to trophies for games like Hanna Montanna and whatnot.

from the beach2259d ago

I think people who are into these are more interested in raising their number by any means possible than by actually developing skills in a particular game.

In fact, most achievements are for doing derp stuff anyway like shooting a certain number of enemies with each gun.

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The story is too old to be commented.