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jetlian1954d ago

epic does it again! this just like horde 2.0 another great mode

lastdual1954d ago

I agree that the mode looks great, but the developer this time around is People Can Fly. Epic is just overseeing things.

jetlian1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

5 min video

looks just like an epic made gears

Kingdom Come1954d ago

Actually, Epic Games are the developers, People Can Fly are primarily assisting with the Campaign, Co-Op and Competitive they have little input in. This is Epic's game.

alessandro101954d ago

and there are still millions that buys this : (

Funky Town_TX1954d ago

Epic needs to get off this OTP. Gears 3 was meh, and I never finished it. I want something new from epic.