Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is available for pre-order on Steam

DSOGaming writes: "Good news for all Dark Souls fans as the game is now available for pre-purchase on Steam, priced at 39.99 euros. Be advised though – the fact that is available on Steam does not mean that it will not use Microsoft’s GFWL."

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TopDudeMan2349d ago

Still in 2 minds about whether or not I should buy this game a second time. I'll see if I have any friends that get it on the PC.

h311rais3r2349d ago

Im getting it just because they went through with the petition demand.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I am gonna give it a try. I want dark souls 2 to come to pc. Plus the fact that they listened to pc gamers even have been honest about the pc version I can respect that. I would expect them to figure out pc by the sequel. Plus I want to play it for the first time.

But you could wait for youtube vids.

They are already working on the sequel at the same time we asked for a port out of nowhere. They are inexperienced on pc and won't expect them to hire new devs just to see if there really is a market on pc for this.

NYC_Gamer2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

That's why i'm buying it for the second time(own the 360 version)will support the PC edition..

-GametimeUK-2349d ago

If I had a PC capable of running it then I would buy it day 1. I think it is the sort of game that will compliment the PC gaming community.

AKS2349d ago

I wouldn't think it will be that difficult to run. They aren't reworking it to support the most advanced tech available. Rather, they are porting an excellent game over to PC so more people have a chance to play it, which is a good thing.

WeskerChildReborned2349d ago

Yea same here, i have never played Demon souls or Dark souls so i'm wondering if it would be a type of game i might like cause i heard it's so hard that it's aggravating.

Linsolv2349d ago

It's hard, and it can certainly be aggravating, but it's also important to note that it's (except for a few points) basically fair. It will punish you for making bad decisions, for being hasty, or for having poor reflexes, but (again, with a few notable exceptions) the deaths you will suffer will be your fault.

Which is my favorite thing about the game.

Xof2349d ago

Souls games are not difficult at all. Most of the "difficulty" is artificially induced through a (realistically) low HP bar. Basically, almost any monster can kill you in a few hits, most can do it in 1-2. This means that SKILL is the most important element of the game.

Once you learn how to play the game, it's fairly easy because the enemy AI is pretty simple and easy to deal with.

And since AI is the only method by which to naturally induce difficulty... yeah, okay, I'll leave that alone. People praising Souls games for being difficult, but "in a good way," just irritate me. Sorry for the tangent.

People think it's hard because the game has a steep difficulty curve, so it takes 'em a long time to attain the necessary skill, so they end up dying a lot.

Level design also plays a big role in making the game seem harder than it is, with "surprise" attacks and super-aggressive enemies and whatnot that can prove ruinous for players who aren't cautious when they explore.

The key point re: difficulty isn't that it's "hard" or "easy" but more that it's realistic. This isn't Final Fantasy where a giant flaming spider demon can impale you with a twenty-foot claw and you'll lose 5% of your health... when that happens in a souls game, you're either ****ing dead, or barely alive.

In most games, that level or realism would be inexcusable. We accept it in a Souls game because everything--everything--is perfect. Perfect level design, perfect art design, perfect sound design, and most importantly of all: perfect gameplay.

Just think on that for a moment: perfect gameplay.

That's not hyperbole.

Souls games have the best "sword and sorcery" style gameplay of any game ever made.

That's the real reason people don't mind the artificially difficulty. Sure, it can be frustrating at times, but the game itself is ecstasy incarnate to play.

WeskerChildReborned2349d ago

@Xof, sound's cool then, i might check it out.

Xof2349d ago

I'm in the same boat. Haven't really touched the game on PS3 since clearing the first two bosses at Anor Londo. Looking forward to the PC version because, hey, it'll look better and run better... but online will probably be a mess.

Even if modding isn't possible, it'll be even easier to spam souls on PC which will really unbalance things.

At the moment, I'm thinking, "buy it on Steam, but wait." I can see it on sale for $15 or so for Steam's Halloween sale, and if not then, definitely their winter sale.

The best part about having a PC game is that we'll be able to juggle multiple save files, so no more grinding 200,000 souls only to spend 'em on stat/weapon upgrades that end up being underwhelming.

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nofallouthero2349d ago

im going to get it because they actually listened to pc gamers which is rare for a Japanese company

mttrackmaster382349d ago

Since this game uses GFWL, wouldn't that mean you have to run that and Steam at the same time?

StrawberryDiesel4202349d ago

This game better garnish decent sales, PC fanboys make a petition crying for a game, the company listens and creates it, now go pre order it. The game will probably have piss poor sales though, unreliable PC elitist's will try to pirate the game rather than buy it more than likely.

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