Between Assassin's Creed 3, Hitman: Absolution, & Dishonored, 2012's Gonna Be a Killer

GameSpy - Assassins are awesome, and not just because they have two asses. We're talking about guys whose job is to create corpses, preferably from raw materials that aren't aware of their imminent corpsification. Game developers obviously know how awesome they are, because in the next four months no less than three notable assassination-based games coming out, followed by another dose next year.

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Hellsvacancy2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Forget Hitman, have you heard his new voice yet? Awful

Im gonna buy Dishonored though

reznik_zerosum2346d ago

u troll to much on new hitman game,where did u played it ?

NukaCola2346d ago

I'm getting Assassin's Creed III for PS3 and Liberation of Vita. I got to say that is going to be one epic tale.