What do console players want most? Essentially, more of the same

Gamasutra - Launching a new IP for consoles has always been quite a challenge. Historically, the space has been dominated by franchises and sequels, making it quite difficult for new ideas to stand out.

Customers have always been drawn to franchises they're familiar with, and 2012 is proving no different, as a new survey from media research group Nielsen shows that nearly all of 2012's most anticipated console games are also the year's biggest sequels.

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Sephris2347d ago

It's a good article. I don't really believe that gamers want more of the same, but like the gaming industry there isn't an unlimited amount of money to be spending on either side. The industry doesn't want to go too far out on something new because they can't afford to have too many games fail. Franchising is safe for them. By the same token, most people can't afford to get games they don't end up liking, so they go for franchises that they know will work.

It's not so much a desire for what is the same as it is a monetary fear. I'm sure as the economy gets better, we are going to see both ends of the spectrum being more liberal with what they will put out and purchase respectively.

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