Zelda Wii U Needs More Than HD Visuals To Succeed

GenGAME writes: "Slapping on a new coat of paint won't be enough to give the Zelda series a modern overhaul. A series renaissance is in order, a renewed focus on the core fun of just exploring Hyrule and surviving against the monsters you find along the way."

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TheFinalEpisode2348d ago

The WiiU Pad seems to go perfect with Zelda. The Zelda menus often suck but the wiiU pad seems like it will make the transition easier from the combat to the menus.

Hisiru2347d ago

And maybe they will have some new puzzles with the WiiU Gamepad (like the DS games).

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

wiiU will be the console that could have a pc style mmos. Think Hot keys on the screen..

I haven't been excited for nintendo in years but I feel good about wiiU as long as they really bring more core games.

ABizzel12347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

This is the first Nintendo console I've been excited for in a long time as well. I've enjoy most of them (with the Wii being the only exception), and it looks like the Wii-U may be the best of them all if they get everything together.

There's still a bunch of confusion regarding just how much 3rd party support they have, what games are launch titles and what's coming between launch and E3 2013, how much is the system going to cost, what are the specs. for the console (which won't be answered until someone buys one and crack it open), how is online going to be handled since MS and Sony are lightyears ahead of Nintendo, and what is Nintendo vision for the Wii-U's lifespan.

A console is an investment. Something you buy with the intent of having around for 5+ years and purchasing games for over that timespan. And with the console launching in less than 5 months these are all questions that should have been answered at E3, not Gamescon, and certainly not TGS (giving less than 2 months of time to process everything). You wouldn't go to a used car dealer and buy a car because the dealer says it's great, and no one is going to buy a Wii-U (except the hardcore fanboys) without knowing exactly what they're getting into with the Wii-U.

I'm interested Nintendo, now sell me on why I should but it.

PopRocks3592348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Yeah, the only way Zelda can succeed is for the franchise to go rated M and introduce guns, gore tits and rape. /s

I believe that Nintendo should do with it what they will. The last thing the world needs is for Zelda to step in Metroid Other M's shoes.

This largely comes from me believing that you're off your rocker if you believe that the original NES game, OoT, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are somehow all the same. Or you simply have not played them for more than ten minutes.

Bimkoblerutso2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

While I totally agree that the overall experience between the games usually feels wholly unique, there are some...quirks that are becoming mainstays of the franchise that I think really, really need to go. Like the MIDI music. And the hand-holding. And the ever-increasingly obnoxious companions. And Nintendo's insistence on making Ganondorf the villain in EVERY SINGLE GAME.

Nothing that would really alter what it is known and loved for. Just the antiquated crap Nintendo has left in the games in a misguided attempt to preserve the spirit of the franchise.

PopRocks3592347d ago

"And Nintendo's insistence on making Ganondorf the villain in EVERY SINGLE GAME."

First of all, that isn't the case in EVERY SINGLE GAME. [SPOILER ALERT] Go play Skyward Sword.

Secondly, the reason Ganondorf is the villain is because he, like Link and Zelda, transcends through time. Each generation Link, Zelda and Ganondorf are reincarnated to basically repeat history.

Also, what the hell does it matter if Ganondorf is the villain? What exactly is so wrong with that? We've met other villains along the way anyway, such as Zant in TP, Girahim in SS, and the two villains from the Oracle games.

2348d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

For me all the Next Zelda needs is more Skyward Sword game play.

Will the story change in this re-incarnation? Yes.

Will the art style change? Yes.

Will it be HD? Yes.

Will the Game Pad modify Zelda? Different/Original Zelda Tools/Weapons? Handwritten Map Notes? Weapon selection? YES! (& Probably).

But all I need is at least Skyward Sword level Story, Directing, and Game play.

>>>That game was highly Acclaimed- even Perfect Scores- so; I would not mind a repeat. And I don't see why you are acting as if something radical needs to happen to the Franchise.

Honestly, if they did a spin-off beginning right were the original left off I would be very happy.

But all I NEED is more SS game play.

In case you missed this:

remanutd552347d ago

is Skyward Sword that good? which did you enjoy better Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword? i still cant believe i havent played Skyward Sword

AznGaara2347d ago

I stalled on playing Skyward Sword until recently and I must say... its a really great. The dungeons are probably some of the best among the 3D Zeldas. The overworld is also cool, basically a big dungeon, but I can only see it working with this kind of story. Oh, and speaking of story its pretty epic.

The only gripe I have with SS is that the motion controls are great when they work but they're kind of annoying when they don't. Fights are definitely more strategic but there are those times when you do a stab motion but the game recognizes it as a slice etc. etc. And that was okay in Twilight Princess Wii because enemies weren't as defensive as they are in SS.

Overall though, Skyward Sword is definitely up there in my favorite games. I, personally, would tie it with Twilight Princess, which is right below Ocarina of Time. My favorite game is still Wind Waker :)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I think SS is superior to TP. Even though TP did had some features and characters that I would love to see in future titles.
But the Motion Control Sword fights were great. The first battle with Ghirahim was a wake-up call (from TP).

And the Bomb Rolling (Wii Bowling) and Bow Shooting was great.

The Wiimotes have there issues but the game is forgiving enough that you can recover from technical mistakes. And save stations are well placed so that you have to go through a lot to re-fight a boss.

In the game you get the option to fight all of the previous boss battles with no potions and only in-Fight hearts. You'll be surprised about how much better you've gotten.

Plus, the whole-world dungeon feature was surprisingly satisfying. I was worried that it would feel claustrophobic but they managed to make it feel exactly the opposite.

The Story told through text, camera angles, and Character animations is awesome.

A Problem?
The Item collection Over-Announcement that resets everytime you start a game session. When you collect something for the 1st time, in every game session, you get an annoying, to-menu, animation.

And another is that "the Weapon Select" and "the Use a readied weapon" are all controlled by how long you hold the "B" button and those actions can get confused in the heat of battle.

But too me it was still so great that it was "PERFECT".
And it's easily my favorite Zelda.

My Top 3
1 SS
2 Zelda 1
3 OoT

SS Review

TP Review

Jadedz2347d ago

Catch 22?


Intellectually, well said.

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