OK, Rockstar, But What Would Niko Bellic Really Do?

Kotaku - Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic has some hard choices to make in his Liberty City adventure. Well, you have to make the choices for him.

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BiggCMan2349d ago

Me too man, Niko was so stale to me. Hell, Claude from GTA 3 had a better personality than Niko, and the dude didn't even talk!!

Moncole2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I don't like CJ because he never followed the damn train.

WeskerChildReborned2349d ago

Same here, i liked how you had more customization options with CJ.

BattleAxe2349d ago

There was more storyline behind Niko than any of the other main characters. I thought GTA4 was the best one so far, although the other games were great too. For me, I'm not interested in pumping weights to build muscles in video games, I've got better things to do.

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MrGunny942349d ago

GTA:SA was by far the best GTA so far.. it gave us customization, weapon leveling and etc.. and etc...

The game just had the awesome concept combined together

Why did you dumbed down GTA 4 Rockstar?

That's all that i wanna hear... Why...? Your fans loved SA and said it was the best game and it gave the players the best experience in terms of uniqueness...

Also a great multiplayer....

Why was GTA IV like that again?

reznik_zerosum2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

gtaIV is better than SA on so many levels,maturity and story-line/characters are one of the best in whole gaming.

_-EDMIX-_2348d ago

"maturity and story-line/characters"... ok. This is all subjective. and define "maturity" because to my knowledge GTAIV still had a lot of silly humor in it that would fall under "immaturity". On top of that, why on earth would that make it "better" then GTASA? His gripes come from the games features being missing and "dumbed down", how would GTAIV be worse if it had all those features and still had the same story and um..."maturity"? So..more is worse?

@GunzBlazing09- its called DVD9, look it up. 360 is the reason why GTAIV was "hindered" because of MS limitations with a dated and limited format known as DVD9.

GTAIV will go down as one of the worst GTA's to GTA fans based on just how much was taken away from it in terms of features. To say it was the best ANYTHING in gaming is a joke, a silly joke. GTAV will make GTAIV look like it Never existed. Its really easy to surpass GTAIV...all you do is make ANY OTHER GTA GAME! I never want to see that crap again. GTAIV was a straight embarrassment by Rockstar, i'm sure they don't want to go though that mess again, they where pretty vocal about being upset about the messing features.

bloodybutcher2348d ago

i couldn't get through sa because i found it boring and i disliked the main character.gta4 was really good,enjoyed multiplayer lots as well:) it's all subjective,you know:)

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