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Sterling McGarvey writes: Because of its flashy, colorful, and high velocity approach to puzzle action, Dyad will inevitably draw comparisons to hallucinatory classics like Rez. That’s a disservice to Dyad. Toronto-based indie studio ][ (pronounced “Right Square Bracket, Left Square Bracket”) has concocted a downloadable title that weds fast-paced and challenging action to the sort of intuitive thought processes that drive the finest puzzle and racing games. As a result, Dyad is undoubtedly one of the finest PSN games of 2012, and a title that will inevitably boost Visine sales.

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NJShadow2343d ago

This game is absolutely freaking incredible. Trust me on this one, if you pick it up (download), you most certainly will not regret. Never experienced anything like this in my entire life.

Just mention "Eye of The Duck" to anybody who has played the game and you'll immediately get this response:

Blastoise2343d ago

How much is it? Also didnt realise it was already out?

NJShadow2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

It's going to be $14.99 and it comes out this Tuesday. Shawn McGrath (the developer) has been giving out download codes all over the place, especially through Twitter (@DYADGAME). I was fortunate enough to score one. Shawn's a very cool dude.

Blastoise2343d ago

Damn, I guess I`ll have to make a twitter :P so far iv been avoiding it like the plague