New PS3 models with 16, 250 and 500 GB appear in the FCC

Rafael Silva writes: "Whenever I make a visit to the famous SGCH of Anatel , the system that are published in the latest devices approved for sale in Brazil. We've had some leaks in this important system in the past and now it seems is one of those days. On the afternoon of Friday found that at the end of last month which seems to be a new model of PlayStation 3, with capacities of 250, 500 and even a 16 GB has been certified by a laboratory and published in the system."

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Abash2223d ago

Very cool, hopefully they can sell it for $199

StraightPath2223d ago

looks very ugly indeed if true. What is with the lines and grooves on the top...a top loader cheap version? well if priced right thier should be a market for it. Those late adopters with even more features removed.

StanSmith2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I think it looks really smart from the front.

Top down, it does look ugly. The rest of it though looks quite cool.

Also worth noting is that it will be available in 3 models. 16gb (pointless), 250gb and 500gb.

Just noticed that if you look closely at the front view image, on the far right, you can see what looks to be the same physical power button that the PS2 Slim had.

-Alpha2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

The groove indicates a flip-top for inserting discs like PSOne and PS2 slim. Cheaper, which is more effective to sell (also a lot safer to remove discs).

The rest of the lines just make it look ugly and cheap.Those lines need to go. Still, the original PS3 slim turned out to look much better than the leak shots, so hopefully they touch this up.


I feel like they should have brought back the 40GB instead, since some PS3 games need to be installed, but a low-end HDD is a great way to cover the consumer spectrum, especially since it has worked for MS.

Nitrowolf22223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Agreed Stan, it looks great from that angle.
Looks like they are adding a top disc loader indeed

JoySticksFTW2223d ago

They should at least have kept the slim matte texture.

But whatever; people will eat up a $199 or lower slim.

I do wish they would have a more fully-featured PS3 like the fats that you could special order from Sony or something, but that ship has sailed.

I had to get some thermal pads and paste to repair my 60gb. Yes, I still play PS2 games up-scaled on PS3 though most of the popular ones have been / are being remastered.

Vitalogy2223d ago

I agree with Stan about the 16Gb being pointless, I mean, in an era where there trying to push digital to gamers why on earth would they launch a 16Gb system? Do they know that you can't even install Uncharted 2 on it? Heck, even the first MGS4 install would take more than half that space o.O weird sony.

nukeitall2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

That is pretty darn ugly!

Maybe I will grow to like it since I didn't like the original phat. As the years progressed, the original phat looks far better than the slim, and this is by far the ugliest.

I'm hoping the pictures aren't doing the PS3 Slim 2 justice!

In fact, it kind remind of this:



darthv722223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I mean seriously...16gb? I think they meant to put 160gb instead.

Also, do you think these models will have the ability to change hdd's?. Perhaps (if true) this new line will bring about the end of user upgraded hdd.

The top look to be a slider (from right to left) like the old console (no pun intended) stereo/record player days. something where when you slide the lid open, the drive does a soft eject upwards.

then when putting a disc in, you would gently press down and the lid would partially slide to the right allowing you to close it. In any case, they would make it so you couldnt just slide the lid open while playing as a safety measure for both the drive and the disc.

zeeshan2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Looks ugly but that is also because of the picture quality. Ugly or not, this thing is SLIM!!!! Gonna space a lot of space for some people and will of course consume less power. $149 and $199 PS3 confirmed this TGS?

I know $149 is pushing it but M$ got the whole $99 Xbox thing going for them and Sony must have planned something to counter that?

NewMonday2223d ago

Looks like the 16gb version will just be for the OS software and just one mandatory install, and perhaps one PSN game.

I don't think they even sell 16gb HDDs anymore, so it could be flash, and leav the HDD slot empty for the buyer to do with as he wants, upgrade or save money

lalalala2223d ago

Slider is a bit weird, I;m surprsied they kept the PSU inside the console.

Bigkurz852223d ago

Or maybe the 16gb will be nice and cheap. Given the ease Sony has allowed for swapping out hard drives, they're probably just throwing a bone to those who have a spare hanging around to not pay extra for something they dont need.

bobshi2223d ago

@ChiTownDoc the trouble is, that 16Gb most probably will be NAND not a normal disk drive, so not sure if it'd be possible to sling a sizeable drive in there to get a PS3 on the cheap.

darthv722223d ago

this new design does not have user upgradable hdd?

That has been one of the key points sony has relied on but they could very well change that with this new design.

I couldnt see any place where it looked like there was a space to open up for the hdd. then again, the pictures werent the best of quality.

More will be revealed soon enough.

AznGaara2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I did a bit of photoshopping for size comparisons. I tried to match the size of the ethernet outputs in hopes that everything else will scale well. Its not perfect but here it is.

TheTwelve2223d ago

The $199 pricetag would make up for all ugliness

eldeladi2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Wait until it grows on you. 16GB model only means this thing will be starting at $150 for the 16GB model, $200 for the 250GB model and $250 for the 500GB model.

Another Prediction: All new PS3 consoles have an internal 16GB flash storage. the cheap model doesn't have a hard drive, but you can put any 2.5" HDD, unlike XBOX. The other two models have HDDs that are also replaceable.
Reasons: There are no 16GB HDD still being manufactured. The first PS3 had 20GB 6 years ago. Some speculate 16GB is a typo of 160GB. This might be true, but doesn't make much sense, since there isn't much size difference between 160 and 250, and 250GB are currently the lowest end drives in the market.
16GB internal flash makes so much sense, since it's cheap and it allows them to compete at the sub $150 range, which XBOX is certainly going to with their 4GB model which, albeit ridiculous storage-wise, It allowed Xbox to always have a cheaper entry level product. Let's admit it, a 10 year old begging his mom to buy a console at walmart doesn't know that an actual HDD is necessary these days.

Tonester9252223d ago

Buy a 16GB PS3 and then a bigger hardrive.

PoSTedUP2223d ago

@ azngaara- that was awesome of you. good job man looks legit. BUBBLE UP.

GuruStarr782223d ago

Id totally buy a 16gb model for cheap.. since I put a 500gb hdd in my ps3 slim, I've got an extra 120gb hdd..

It makes sense and is not as pointless as one might think.. it would also compete with the 360 sku that is only 4gb...

I've been looking for an extra ps3 for the firestation I work at and this might just be it!

dcbronco2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

16GB might be flsh for people who already bought a large HD for their current PS3 or may plan to buy a HD later.

Or it could be a Blu-ray player with the ability to play games too. $200 wouldn't be much more than most top of the line players.

And lastly, it could be a PS3 gear toward Cloud Gaming. If they can get down to $150 it could sell a good number of units for that.

NewZealander2223d ago

U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly - HEY HEY - you ugly!

Vortex3D2223d ago

For many of you that commented the illogical reason to sell 16GB hard drive model, the model is for those who prefers to upgrade the hard drive immediately and compete with 16GB X360 model. That's the model that Sony hasn't been able to compete.

It always amazing so many readers read the model specs without thinking about X360 model competitions. Stop thinking about yourself only.

But there is a catch with 16GB PS3. On X360, no game require hard drive installation except DLCs or certain 2 discs games. But on PS3, Sony never have the rule of no hard drive install. So, a 16GB hard drive after formatted, 10% reserved space and firmware usage is more like 10GB usable(?). That still works for a few games that have no or small hard drive install. Yes, the new updated MGS4 will not be able to install but the original edition will.

Seriously, if Sony can sell 16GB hard drive model for $150, it's a good buy because I have plenty of large laptop hard drives that I can swap with. Still have my 20GB PS3 model hard drive somewhere.

crxss2223d ago

come on Sony, every new system model you come up with is uglier than the previous one. I miss my original PS3 60gb

nukeitall2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

"It's the PS3 Beetle."

That is it's official name for me from now on! Good one Oldman100!


dredgewalker2223d ago

I have a pugs and I find them very cute so I don't know if I can judge if the new PS3 slim looks good or bad lol. As long as it's more durable, uses less power and cheaper, who cares if it looks ugly.

Sono4212223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Well wasn't too excited about this because I already have a PS3 but it literally just died on me, and no one else seems to have the problem I have, maybe one of you on here can help me? Everytime I boot it the screen says "The file system on the storage is corrupted and will be restored" there's only one option and thats to click ok. It goes through the whole restore process which takes about I don't know.. rough estimate 15 minutes? Then it goes to a black screen. Then after sitting at the black screen for I have no clue how long it just goes back to the first initial screen "The file system on the storage is corrupted and will be restored" It's an endless cycle, I hope one of you can fix this without losing all my save data! PM me if you know how. Also if its inevitable that I must lose everything but you can fix it, I'll go that route too :/

EDIT: BTW I don't have the PS3 "Fat"

gaffyh2222d ago

The current PS3 "slim" looks a lot better in person than when I saw images of it, so I've got no doubt that this will also look a lot better in person too. The big question is, what is the pricing going to be like? My guess is:

16GB- $199
250GB- $249
500GB- $299

But it would be even better if they went under the $199 mark.

Sono4212222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Will any option in the PS3 safemode help me fix this problem?

gaffyh2222d ago

@Sono - Happened to me too, means your hard drive is corrupted, and you need to replace the hard drive. If you don't have a backup, you will lose all your save data, but everything else such as trophies and game data can be re-downloaded.

Sono4212222d ago

@Gaffyh well I still have no clue why the file restore wouldn't work but because nobody could tell me anything that would so I went ahead and did a system restore and now its working fine. I'm just mad I had to do it because I lost everything that I have got from gamesharing with people (Which is ALOT) and ive lost all of my free games ive gotten from playstation: Littlebigplanet infamous, ratchet and clank, super stardust, whipeout HD, and so on. (I got all of them because I had multiple accounts) I only remember the password and email to my main account though, which I guess is my own fault but I still don't have all of my gameshare stuff :( along with everything I bought on my side account. Hopefully i'll find a way to get those other accounts back. BTW I had all accounts on auto sign in for years, that's why I don't remember them.

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Oh_Yeah2223d ago

ps3 slim is 150 in all my local pawn shops. they better shoot for 100.

Rainstorm812223d ago

Same here which is weird because many of those same pawn shops sell Xbox 360s for 200+.....its very weird

Oh_Yeah2222d ago

@ raiinstorm81

yeah ive noticed that also around my way, im in delaware... i think they price them higher because of the 250 gb hard drive? whereas the ps3 has a 160 gb. idk?

harrisk9542223d ago

And it looks like 1 USB port in the BACK (FINALLY!) and 2 in the front!!

Sarick2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

That's not a USB port it's the HDMI port. These are the back ports in order from left too right network, HDMI, multi-av-out, optical, and power.

harrisk9542222d ago

I looked again... no USB in the back :(

Jazz41082223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Man the ps3 is one ugly machine from the super fat to the liposuctioned slims. I also would like to know why almost all ps3 games make you do partial installs mandatory. The 360 does not do this and plays and loads just as fast if not better. The 360 also allows full game installs which make since. Either the bluray drive or something in the ps3 is inferior or these installs on most games that are partial would not happen as if you game on the 360 its insert disc and play and with the ps3 it takes up to 2 minutesb sometimes to play a news game and people on ps3 say they love partial installs. Serious question....why do you love them and why does the ps3 not allow full game installs and why does the ps3 require partial installs on 90 percent of the games and the 360 does not while still loading as fast and plaing on par or better. Please answer why its ok to spend 15 minutes to install firmware and mandatoy game installs but taking a few seconds to change a disc is a issue.

Outside_ofthe_Box2223d ago

If it's too much of a problem then don't play it simple.

kneon2223d ago

Full game installs made no sense when the PS3 launched, the bluray disk had more capacity than the hard drive.

The DVD drive in the xbox is slightly faster on average than the drive in the PS3. But the data rate on DVD depends on the location of the data on the disk so it can be slower or faster. An Xbox DVD only hold around 8gb if I recall so there is also less data to push around. The PS3 will put some critical data on the hard drive for faster access, and since every PS3 has a HDD they can make it mandatory.

My last firmware update was under 5 minutes start to finish, and that's typical, if it takes much longer than that then blame your ISP, not Sony.

Disccordia2223d ago

Ps3 2x speed
Xbox 24x speed

That's why they need to install.

Pekka2223d ago

@Disccordia: BR speed is not counted similarly to DVD. 1X Blu ray is around as fast as 3X DVD so PS3 BR is as fast as 6X DVD. And at least most 360 has 12X DVD (not 24X as you claim), but that is the maximum speed. Speed of 360 drive varies from 6-12X, so at the lowest it is as fast as PS3 drive. However, PS3 drive always works at the same speed. So on average 360 drive is faster but not as much as you think.

Wintersun6162223d ago

Xbox 360 drive is x12, not 24. %2Fpages%2Fprofile%2Fshow_blog_ entry.php%3Ftopic_id%3D23916169 %26user%3Dskektek&ei=ZicBUM LqHuTQ4QTuyPCVCA&usg=AFQjCN FfaNUl9SV2dzm5VQhosojhHvQ09w

Information Minister2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

@ Jazz4108:

What are you talking about? Most PS3 games don't require an installation at all. The last game that I installed on my system was GT5, nearly 2 years ago... And that one was optional.

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Tonester9252223d ago

Buy a 16GB PS3. Then buy a huge hardrive

Tsar4ever012223d ago

My sentiments exactly, Just like how I got my x360s 320gb.

hellvaguy2223d ago

"Buy a 16GB PS3. Then buy a huge hardrive "

Thats a good idea, but an even better idea would be for Sony to ship this new ps3 slim for an even lower price with no hard drive. This way it doesnt force you to waste money on the 16 GB pointless one.

kma2k2223d ago

the 16gb model is perfect for someone like me, i have a 40gb model that is holding on by a thread. I have been throwing around the idea of getting a new one but dont want to spend the $300 i already installed a 320gb & would swap that bad boy out in a hurry. For real if sony announced this model at $150 i would buy it tommorow & sell my used 40gb online for $50-$75 & be a happy man!

Tsar4ever012223d ago

The 1st time this rumor came out, I said "nah, probably the same ps3 slim with cheaper/updated hardware, price drop on the way."

Now these pic show up. And I'm like, ???!!!!! Well the overall shape of it is alright, like the slim, just FLATTER, but if these pics are legit, All I can say is.....

COM'ON SONY! THAT NEW SURFACE COVER PLATE IS REPULSIVE!!! Why couldn't you just keep the original slim matted cover and just make the "PS3" logo larger and stretch it across the length of the plate?
UUAAGGHH! Disgusting cover plate.

xtremeimport2223d ago

Im trying to understand why you all are saying the 16gb unit is pointless. unless of course the HDD size isnt upgradable, how exactly is this worse than the 4gb Xbox360?

I havent read the article in depth, so idk if they say its upgradeable or not.

Wintersun6162223d ago

The 4GB Xbox 360 is useless too.

Jamzluminati2223d ago

I might invest in one of these, the slim PS2, slim PSone, and the medium PS3 once I get a job. I've only had the first edition for each console.

gintoki7772223d ago

lmao sony cannot keep anything secret

MostJadedGamer2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Well cerrtainly the 16 GB model will not be more then $199 at the very most, and probably even cheaper then that that. Actually wouldn't be surprised if it came out $149.

I think Sony realses they really need to get the price down so they can finish this generation by making back a lot of the money they have loss, and you do that by software sales, and order to get as many software sales as possible you need to get your hardware to as many people as possible.

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Batzi2223d ago

euuh wtf is that? kinda looks ugly. And what's with the size? seems the same to me.

wishingW3L2223d ago

they just keep making it uglier and uglier. Even in the current slim version they removed the LEDs off the power and eject buttons.

-Alpha2223d ago

I really like the current slim model, removing a couple lights doesn't make it uglier.

Vortex3D2223d ago

How does Microsoft improve X360 look and design on the slim models? They are able to keep slim X360 more stylish look.

Obviously both Microsoft and Sony need to keep the console manufacturing price down but Microsoft seems to be able to keep the look stylish while Sony can't. (I can hear Sony fans can't handle what I just said). I'm owner of both multiple PS3 and X360 consoles (old and new designs).

But really, look at both PS3 and X360 designs. Both consoles use most electronic components made in China. It's the casing design that both companies have control.

As for those who still wish Sony can made the original plat PS3, you have to think of the cost of selling only a few. Will you pay up to "$1000" for the original PS3 design if Sony only manufacture a few at a time? We know the answer and obviously Sony cannot do it to keep a few happy. This is the path Sony wants to take PS3 hardware design as they trim it down every time. Don't like it, play other consoles.

If the 4000 model has open drive door like the slim PS2, at least the disc can't get stuck inside the drive.

WeskerChildReborned2223d ago

Ik and they removed the beautiful gloss which i think look's nice.

gaffyh2223d ago

It looks like the section that says PS3 on it slides to the left, maybe a new way to insert a disc?

StanSmith2223d ago

Good spot!

That would also explain the lack of an eject button.

PHOSADRA2223d ago

Yes, it would also explain the "REMOVE DISC" update we had a little while ago...
When they changed it from "eject disc"

stuna12223d ago

I would hope that you all would buying it for it functions not its looks! What you all are going to be sitting there staring at it, instead of playing your games? Lol, n4g cracks me up sometimes!

Batzi2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I would understand why someone with no PS3 would get it. What I don't understand are the people who want to sell their current PS3 and get this one instead. Reminds me of the Apple fanboys who switched from Iphone 4 to the 4S..I just don't get it.

StanSmith2223d ago


Maybe because some of us like our AV and games consoles to look tidy under our tvs in our living rooms rather than a bunched up cluttered mess.

It's like saying "what's the point in whether a couch looks stylish as I'm only going to sit on it and not look at it" or "What's the point in buying a nice looking car, as I won't be able to see it because I'll be driving it".

Of course the looks matter!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2223d ago

what if ps4 comes next year?