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OUYA Working with nVidia, Getting Meteor on Board

GeekParty just received an update on the OUYA project. Not only are they working with nVidia on the chipset, but there’s a new developer signed on to the games side of things. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the email. (Industry, Meteor Entertainment, Next-Gen, NVIDIA, Ouya, Tech)

Riggans42  +   1043d ago
Well that's good news
WeskerChildReborned  +   1042d ago
Yes, it is good news that Nvidia is working with them.
GribbleGrunger  +   1043d ago
oh the irony... The very thing that was supposed to be threatening consoles, becomes a console

I thought people preferred playing these games on their phones? have things changed in the last few weeks?
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MrGunny94  +   1043d ago
Let's see what the Unity engine has to offer looking forward to this

Be careful Sony and Microsoft simple stuff sometimes beat advanced stuff... Look at Minecraft.
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bit-crusherrrr  +   1042d ago
If you want an android console just get a android tablet with hdmi out and a ps3 or xbox pad, done and you have a tablet on the go too. Bargin.
1nsomniac  +   1042d ago
How is that cheaper or better than buying a $99 dedicated gaming console??
JoshEngen  +   1042d ago
Just because the Ouya runs Android doesn't meant that it's going to play some kind of shared library of Android games. I would wager that most of the games that will be designed for the Ouya aren't going to be compatible with whatever tablet you're telling people to buy.

Plus, are you really hooking your tablet into your television to play games? Don't you still need to look at the screen in order to control the game? That sounds super fun.

Plus, it's $100.

Plus, you should probably just support it because indie devs don't have a great outlet for releasing console titles. Why do you hate independent developers? You bastard.
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bit-crusherrrr  +   1042d ago
Firstly you can go out and buy one tomorrow or better yet on amazon right now and have the same experience.

So far all they have shown off is games that are already on the android market and the likely hood of developers making games exclusive for it is soo small considering it will have a tiny market share and plently of android games already support game pads, so it doesnt take a genius to work out that the mass majority of games will just be thrown on it.

Most android tablets support ps3 pads over blue tooth and 360 pads over usb, you use those to control it.

For us in europe it probably wont be equal to $100 and you can get plently of cheap tablets that will run games like shadowgun, minecraft and gta 3 perfectly fine.

I also own an android and have supported plently of indie developers by buying their software and not hacking and rooting my phone like ouya and suggesting you should do with their console, which will just lead to loads of piracy.
Fishy Fingers  +   1042d ago
Josh, 1up.
cleft5  +   1042d ago
I hope this Ouya thing is on the level, but nothing I have heard or seen suggest this console is anything more than a money grab.
sreiches  +   1042d ago
Getting fuseproject involved with the design seems fairly reputable. They were behind the OLPC, after all, and that was very much a real thing.
joeorc  +   1042d ago
how about this guy?
"I hope this Ouya thing is on the level, but nothing I have heard or seen suggest this console is anything more than a money grab"

do you know who is one of the people backing this OUYA thing?


you do know who that is right? the co founder of the xbox project over at microsoft! until the suits started to take the xbox project away from him because it became too popular, and he felt it was no longer what the xbox was about, after 18 years at microsoft he left.

I would not count this thing out, and many i think are making this mistake. I would Say Sony is keeping a very keen eye on this thing, and like i said before if the system does indeed gather that developer interest, Sony has the playstation Mobile platform ready to go for this thing. the people who run OUYA would in all likelyhood not turn it down having playstation Mobile Certified with the PSMobile App on this thing.
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ghettosmurf  +   1042d ago
I'm still doubtful that the audience will become broad enough to attract the quality games this console will need to have mainstream success, but I'm very heartened by the support they're getting from both sides of the industry.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1042d ago
Hope it does good! Let the haters hate.
Horny Melon  +   1042d ago
Going to post this here, found it on the KS comments section

Absolutely no reason to be skeptical here is why:

There is a new type of hardware out that is basically System on chips they are small computers used for things like media services. Netflix, Hulu, etc

Here is an example: http://www.alibaba.com/prod...

Ouya is backed by some very well known and savy people. They have one of the highest profile design firms in the world behind it, www.fuseproject.com (google it or search on TED), Xbox co-creator Ed Fries, a Paypal exec as an angel investor, inexile owner (wasteland 2) an investor, the CEO and founder was a high level 7 figure a year exec at IGN, gamefly, vivendi. The amount of money raised doesn't equal these peoples yearly combined salary, so no worries about it being a "scam". Not to mention NONE of them would ever work in any senior level position EVER again.

Here is a list of supporting Developers: https://docs.google.com/a/m...

There are some nay sayers who say it is impossible to have this console under $100. There is nothing pie in the sky about the hardware it is all off the shelf. This is very easily going to cost them less than $100.

You can grind out controllers for $5 a pop. (heres one for $3 http://www.alibaba.com/prod...

The processor is $25 ( http://news.softpedia.com/n...

RAM is $1 (link to 4gig ddr2 if you buy 5000: http://www.alibaba.com/prod...

What's the board, bluetooth,wifi, and ports? $10 max. (heres a link to something pretty close to OUYA : http://www.alibaba.com/prod... for $36)

It's safe to say this console might be costing them $60 - $70 shipped.

Regardless of how successful it is, this is what you can expect in the way of games.

1.Emulators: Emulators are definitely going to support this. You can count on launch support. Whether OUYA allows them or not is another matter entirely. IOS doesn't and Android sometimes takes them down. But being the console is hackable, they'll definitely be there.

2.Android ports: All an android port would require is controller support. Even though OUYA may have a small user base it will still be attractive to those who would like more traction on their games. For big names like Angry Birds it's a no brainer they can afford the cost if for no other reason than presence.

3.3rd party markets: Onlive is on android. Supports a controller so it's pretty likely these guys will port just for the presence.

4.OUYA specific launch titles: Double Fine has said they are on board. Wasteland 2, Inexile owner is an investor. Wasteland 2 is being built on unity 3 which makes a port a matter of using the proper plugin to compile. I know a bunch of smaller guys are on board but they haven't announced anything concrete.

This console is not meant to go toe to toe with the big three. Where it will compete with them is the Indie, back stock games.

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