3DS XL: Five Things We Can't Wait To Do

Chris Buffa (Modojo): In just over a month, we'll be able to stroll into the nearest mall and leave with a shiny red or blue (more like red) 3DS XL. Quite honestly, we can't wait. Not only does the system benefit from a 4.88-inch top screen, but it also looks sexy to boot. It's DS Lite all over again, but at a higher price; the XL costs $199.99.

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Xof2319d ago

It's just a bigger 3DS. It's not like it does anything differently or anything unique that the normal 3DS can't do.

klecser2319d ago

Actually, not true. Did you read the article? I know its by Chris "I'm super-biased" Modojo, but if you read it, there are some key things that people who actually own 3DS' are interested in seeing on the XL:

1) The reports are saying that the bigger screen is allowing for a better "sweet spot" for viewing 3D images, making it a lot easier on the eyes. The 3D is something to "try" that is potentially different.

2)Not mentioned in the article, one of the problems with the 3DS was that the little nubs that protect the system from itself in the corners when you shut the machine were a little short. People are reporting that this issue is fixed, and people who had issues are eager to see the repair.

3) We know bigger screen generally means more jaggies, but (prepare to be shocked) some gamers do not base their gaming experience on whether or not their resolution is peak. What we are interested in "trying" is how much past 3DS games look on the new screens. Despite a few more jaggies, the increase ins creen size could really benefit ease of gameplay on DS and 3DS games.

Now, it isn't "try" as in new functions, but if you actually read the article you'd know.