NPD: PC Game Sales Decline Not Worrying

Console software sales in the U.S. were over eight times greater than PC game sales. Should we be concerned? NPD analyst Anita Frazier isn't worried; it's simply a reflection of the shift to digital distribution she says.

"The PC games market is greatly impacted by digital downloads and subscriptions, so there is an undetermined amount of PC games industry revenue that isn't reflected in retail sales. As we've seen from a number of our studies, the PC continues to be a top platform in terms of total game playing time, so I don't think this slight decline in retail sales is anything more than a reflection of a shifting of distribution channels," Frazier explained.

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Charlie26883772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Looks like if Publishers would actually reveal the online based sales things would look different for the PC software sales front cuz I mean Valve rolling in money from STEAM must mean its a pretty good deal apart from the fact that they seem to be getting a HUGE amount of support from different publishers meaning the Online based sales must bee a VERY profitable business (and a good counter against piracy too)

in an interesting side of things while retail PC software doesn't seem to be growing as fast as Console software (thus the "low" assumption) the PC gaming hardware seems to be going thru the roof cuz NVIDIA didn't won Company of the Year 07 by selling cake (or pie) same can be said for Intel now specializing in gaming focused Processors or HP coming out with the Elite gaming PCs

funkeystu3772d ago

Nice article, though I doubt pc games sales would come out in front I'm quite sure online sales would help to close the gap. I don't think I know of a single PC user who bought a retail version of Orange box; in Australia the STEAM version is almost half the cost, plus it allowed you to play the tf2 beta.

With WOW revenue estimated to be around US$8billion a year the online market is not something to be overlooked.

potenquatro3772d ago

i belive it. i'm always downlading little xboxlivearcade style games and high profile games from my steam account. i can't be the only one doing this. i'm even thinking about getting sanandreas again to warm up for gta4.

led10903772d ago

heh and they count just the us sales look at cnc3 it has sold just 300k copies in the us but back in may when it had sold just 120k at that time worldwide sales were more than 1 million.....and i think that really says something....also they dont include online i dont think the ndp lists count for much....for pc gamers atleast............

Amagai Shuusuke3772d ago

High profile PC titles are being announced
for consoles left and right. Console gaming
is a lot cheaper when it comes to playing these
titles. Who knows if Starcraft 2 will stay
exclusive after the Activision/Blizzard merger.

ulath6663772d ago

Blizzard havent "merged" with anything. Its their publisher that took the name Blizzard as a pure publicity stunt.
Blizzard is still blizzard and they have enough power to decide where their games are going.